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Today’s world is dynamic and constantly changing. In order to remain relevant as an organisation, moving with the times, adapting, improving and innovating are a must. However, remaining in control of quality, safety and risks is also a prerequisite for sustainable success.

Today’s professionals determine the success of an organisation and also play a key role in improvement. For optimal performance, while also having fun in the process, professionals need up-to-date and relevant information which helps them here and now. In order to increase the improvement power of the organisation, professionals should be able to easily identify and share improvement opportunities.

Zenya provides organisations with quality and risk management software, which moves at the pace of the changes that are constantly ongoing in different sectors. It provides a trusted place where quality, safety and improvement can be integrated, in addition to risk management. 

For professionals, it offers the support they need; software that works for them. Software that works where and when they need it, to avoid unnecessary searches, software that gives them an active role in the process of continuous improvement. This way, professionals can do what they do best, in the most optimal way and with pleasure.

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Our modules

Maximum performance with smart solutions

Zenya DOC - Module logo full-color


The right information quickly available

Interactive documents for a perfect user experience

Full quality assurance and feedback loop

Easy knowledge sharing with external parties

Available, anytime, anywhere with the Search App

Zenya FLOW - Module logo full-color


For various alerts, inside and outside the organisation

Flexible workflows, easy to set up and run

Valuable reports and analyses

Actions for individuals and teams

Reporting, anytime and anywhere, with the Capture App

Zenya CHECK - Module logo full-color


For audits, checks, inspections and investigations

Surveys for internal and external use

For the execution of the entire audit process

Actions for individuals and teams

Zenya RISK - Module logo full-color


Chart all organisation-wide risks

Risk dialogue for greater involvement

Control measures and control tests

Monitoring and adjusting via integral dashboard

You are in good company

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