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Unsafe work situations are a regular occurrence. According to Fedris, the number of industrial accidents decreased slightly during the corona lockdowns. But it is not unlikely that the upward trend seen before corona will resume. Is safe working practice manufacturable? That’s the million-dollar question. Imagine what it means if we can answer this question in the affirmative.

Daily practice

Fall accidents and accidents involving (industrial) machinery constitute everyday practice. Fall accidents often occur when people lose balance and as a result of the lack of measures and protocols to prevent falls. About a fifth of workers in Belgium work with one or more machines. Most accidents occur while operating or cleaning machinery. In many cases, resulting in permanent injuries.

Room for improvement

Fedris’ Statistical Report 2020 shows that young (<29 years old) employees in particular are victims of industrial accidents. The 50-59 age group has more victims with permanent disability. Most casualties occur in companies with at least 1,000 FTEs.

Organisations are responsible for providing information and instructions as well as supervision. Less than half of the organisations have identified their risks. Working safely starts precisely with risk inventory in the workplace and analysis of accidents that have occurred. Learning from reports and inspections helps create a safe environment.

Deadlines versus security

Even organisations that do have good safety regulations have employees who do not comply. Why is that? Orders need to be handled and projects completed. This applies to all sectors, especially in energy, water and waste management. Deadlines are everywhere and people weigh up whether safety guidelines are really necessary or take too much time.


Behaviour is difficult to control. A thoughtful plan of action to eliminate or prevent risks helps.

Read more about increasing risk awareness here.Veilig werken en deadlines

Cutting corners

When weighing up whether to work safely or not, added value plays a big part. Is it worth complying with regulations? Of course everyone values safety, but deadlines are just as important. Is working unsafely more profitable than working safely? If employees are inclined to that thought, the choice is more likely to fall on working unsafely but faster than working safely and slower – as long as no accidents happen. If we can cut a corner, in many cases we will not fail to do so, even if we are not in a hurry.

IT also has security risks

Working safely is not only about averting machinery accidents and preventing dangerous situations. Security of critical infrastructure (such as energy, water and waste disposal) is also of great importance. According to market researcher Gartner, up to a third of organisations managing critical infrastructure will face incidents within a few years that could directly affect the safety of employees, local residents, the public, nature and the environment. In addition, the risk of reputational damage is real.

Technology is playing an increasing role in these organisations. This does not offer only benefits. Organisations where IT plays a major role are at risk of becoming victims to, among other things:

  • Hacking
  • Ransomware
  • Identity fraud
  • Data breaches

Zenya and fusibility

Is safe working practice achievable? Yes, with Zenya, safe working is achievable.

Working safely and achieving it requires joint efforts from management and employees. Zenya can play a crucial role in this. For example, with Zenya BOOST. Working safely bears fruit when you look at the bigger picture. When it comes to physical conditions as well as cyber security.

Directing and monitoring this requires direction, insight and overview. That’s what Zenya software provides. It does not provide primary security, but rather:

  • Record of agreements made
  • Registration of reports and incidents
  • Registration of checks and inspections
  • Enforcement of communication protocols
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Improvement ideas

Together, you ensure the fusibility of safety in the workplace.

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