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Zenya becomes even more accessible with Microsoft AppSource

The time has come: Zenya is now also available via Microsoft AppSource! This is good news as it allows us to offer even more purchase options.

With Zenya, our quality and risk management software, we have been ensuring for years that organisations can efficiently secure quality, risk, improvement and safety. How we do this? By developing user-friendly software that provides quick access to relevant information and allows organisations to learn from mistakes. This is how we help organisations and professionals get the best out of themselves every day.

Over two million end-users are now using our Zenya solutions. But we don’t stop here: we want to make our solutions even more accessible, both nationally and internationally. How do we approach this? That’s simple! As a Microsoft partner, we now make Zenya available via Microsoft AppSource.

A fine partnership with Microsoft

In over the past few years, Infoland has built a solid partnership with Microsoft. In 2021, for instance, we switched to Microsoft Azure as the underlying cloud platform for Zenya. This allows us to improve the service for our customers. This is because Zenya’s availability is better assured and the platform has a high level of security.

Now it is time for the next step in our collaboration! We have decided to offer Zenya through AppSource.

Infoland is a highly valued technical and commercial Microsoft partner. Making Zenya available via Microsoft AppSource is a great step in our commercial partnership.” 

Eva van den Noort
Partner Development Lead, Microsoft Netherlands

Microsoft AppSource: the place to buy software

Microsoft AppSource is the ideal central place for your organisation to purchase software. Here you will find thousands of software products from leading vendors worldwide.

Of course, we did not choose to offer Zenya through this channel for no particular reason. Below you will discover the benefits of this platform.

Making purchases in a trusted way

Everyone likes security. Would you like to buy Zenya in a trusted way? Then AppSource is ideal. After all, you benefit from transparent terms and conditions within this online marketplace, so you know where you stand at all times.

One billing flow

If you are already using Microsoft Azure, you have the option to have Zenya’s billing go along with Azure’s billing flow. This saves you another billing stream!

Zenya in Microsoft AppSource

Benefits for customers with an Azure consumer agreement

Do you have an Azure user agreement? Then a purchase through AppSource is totally interesting. This consumer agreement, also known as Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), is a pledge for Azure spending to avail certain benefits over time. You then pledge to purchase services and products for a certain amount each year in exchange for various benefits.

If you buy Zenya through AppSource, it will count towards your annual commitment. This way, you fulfil the purchase commitment more easily, keeping the benefits.

Discover Zenya in Microsoft AppSource

Whether you want to purchase Zenya through our own billing channel or through Microsoft AppSource: there are now several roads that lead to Rome. Request a demo and get in touch with our experts. Then choose which channel you purchase Zenya through. Whichever way you choose, we will make sure the purchase process is a pleasant experience.

Zenya now available on Microsoft AppSource

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