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Measuring and improving employee satisfaction with questionnaires in Zenya

Employee satisfaction is an important topic for any organisation. After all, happy and satisfied employees can concentrate better and are therefore more productive. Satisfaction within your organisation depends on a number of different factors. To measure and increase satisfaction among your employees, an employee satisfaction survey is needed.

What leads to employee satisfaction?

A good working climate and a pleasant working atmosphere are important factors that contribute to employee satisfaction within your organisation. A good salary and advantageous benefits, such as flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home, also contribute to a satisfied employee.

Another important aspect is the feeling of recognition and appreciation for the work employees do. This can be done, for example, by giving regular positive feedback, organising team-building activities and rewarding good work.

It is also good to ensure clear communication within your organisation. This way, your employees know what is expected of them and what their tasks are. This increases the feeling of independence and ownership over the work.

Measuring and increasing employee satisfaction with internal questionnaires

There are several ways to measure employee satisfaction within your organisation. So one of the most common methods is to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. This can be done with a digital questionnaire, for example, where employees give their opinions on various aspects of work.

When drawing up the questionnaire, it is important to formulate the questions clearly. This way, your employees clearly understand what is being asked of them. Anonymity is very important so that your employees share their sincere opinions without fear. Furthermore, it is advisable to give enough time to complete the survey. This way, employees have the opportunity to think carefully about the answers they want to give.

Once the survey is completed, the data can be analysed and any problems or bottlenecks within your organisation can be identified. Based on this, an action plan can then be drawn up to increase employee satisfaction. When you regularly conduct an survey, you can notice and address problems within the organisation in time.

Conduct an employee satisfaction survey with Zenya software? You can!

With the smart audit management software Zenya CHECK, from Infoland, you can easily create and distribute questionnaires to employees. Once the internal questionnaire has been completed by employees, you can then analyse the data. In fact, Zenya provides insight and overview of this data with real-time dashboards. This allows you to easily draw conclusions from the questionaire and identify any problems or bottlenecks. You can then use these conclusions to look for improvement opportunities to increase employee satisfaction within your organisation.

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