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Interactive documents for more efficient document management

Organisations that want to remain successful in the future are not sitting still. Especially not when it comes to the adoption of new technological developments.

Themes such as big data, analytics, robotisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are high on the agendas of organisations that want to move forward and take the lead in smart and efficient work methods. But what does this have to do with document management?

Many organisations use document management for quality assurance purposes. This way, employees have access to correct, up-to-date and approved information at any location and at any time. This reduces the risk of errors and also makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently.

Smart search algorithms allow quick access to the right documentation. But once you get to the right document, challenge two begins: where in the 50 pages is the exact information you need at that moment? Interactive documents are the answer!

From digital to mobile to (artificial) intelligence

The ease of use and the speed with which users can access the right documents are always the main focus. This is also reflected in the way organisations set up their file management.

  • In phase 1, around the turn of the century, there was a noticeable transition from paper to digital documents.
  • In the second phase, from the mid-2010s, it is striking how many mobile solutions have been introduced. It makes it even easier for ambulatory staff to find documents, and it gives new meaning to the principle of ‘anytime, anywhere’;
  • With the introduction of interactive documents, we are moving into phase 3.

In this final phase, the focus is on our most valuable asset: time! For how do we ensure that employees can work even more intelligently and efficiently and thus have more time for the work that really matters?

End users demand convenience. So lose those boring, long documents! It’s high time for interactive documents that really make a difference.

Thomas de Groot
Product Owner by Infoland

The solution: interactive documents

With the introduction of interactive documents, scrolling through static, boring, long and time- consuming documents is a thing of the past. Interactive documents significantly improve the speed and applicability with which users receive information.

It marks the next step towards the phase in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes part of efficient document management.

Interactive documents in practice

But how exactly do these interactive documents work?

Suppose a nurse at a regional hospital is on her way to a patient will get intravenous treatment. She walks into the room, sees that it is a child and that there is a new IV system that she has to use.

Although she practised it once a few weeks ago, she forgot exactly how to do it. Where previously she had to search for the right work instructions and then search for the right page in the document (because it concerns a specific action), interactive documents make this a lot faster.

  1. She takes out her mobile phone and scans the QR code on the device.
  2. When opening the work instruction, the question “Does it involve (a) a patient under 18 or (b) a patient over 18?” appears.
  3. She clicks on the right button and is then asked whether the veins are (photo A) almost invisible or (photo B) very visible.
  4. She chooses photo B and an instruction video appears – as well as an interactive photo – with information on each part of the infusion system.
  5. She also receives a message that she must first disinfect her hands before starting.
    She then selects the video and goes through the steps;

By using the interactive document, she saved at least 10 minutes and the risk of errors was greatly reduced.

This is, of course, just one example; there are countless situations in other sectors and for other professions where the right information at the right time makes all the difference.

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