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As an organisation, you want to prevent a data breach of personal data. A document management system (DMS) can help protect personal data, for example by allowing employees to access different levels of user rights. In addition, access to personal data can be restricted to certain users. This enables an organisation to better prevent a data leak.

What is a data breach?

A data breach involves unauthorised access to personal data. However, the loss or destruction of confidential personal data, without the consent of the data subjects, also falls under a breach. Here, for example, an organisation’s personal data may be exposed to people who should not have access to this confidential information.

This can come from employees not being careful enough with this information, or from business partners or suppliers not managing personal data properly. Laws and regulations on data security and management have been tightened in recent years and are becoming increasingly stricter. A data breach can cause enormous damage to a company’s reputation. Organisations therefore want to do everything possible to prevent a breach of sensitive data.

What should you do with a data breach?

There are a number of steps to follow when discovering a data breach. The first step is to check whether it is personal data and therefore whether there really is a data breach. If it is personal data, there may be a duty to report it. For instance, you have to report the loss of a USB stick containing personal data, but you do not have to if the USB stick is properly secured.

On-premise vs. Cloud-based DMS

Many organisations still use an on-premise DMS. This means that the DMS is managed on hardware and/or software owned by the organisation. This way, the organisation itself can guarantee the security of document storage. Personal data security is also under the organisation’s own control.

Yet a Cloud-based document management system is increasingly common among organisations worldwide. A DMS in the Cloud has quite a few advantages. One of these advantages is that employees can access documents anytime, anywhere. This means that business documents are available anywhere, including at home or at a customer’s site. This allows employees in your organisation to work efficiently.

Preventing a data breach

Within a company, measures can be introduced to prevent data breaches. One example is regularly checking and updating the management of personal data and passwords. In addition, make sure employees are well aware of the current laws and regulations surrounding confidential information. Furthermore, it is very important to conclude a processor agreement with parties that process personal data of the company, or for which the company itself processes personal data.

To minimise the risk of data breaches within your organisation, you could work with a secure document management system. With Zenya DOC, you can keep control of information flows anytime and anywhere. You can also share knowledge safely and easily with external parties. Zenya DOC not only ensures that the right information is quickly available; it also guarantees you complete quality assurance.

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