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The time has come: Infoland, developer of Zenya quality and risk management software, launched a new module this week: Zenya BOOST. Zenya BOOST is an extension to the existing modules DOC, FLOW, CHECK and RISK. This new module enables organisations to engage and activate colleagues in transformation through effective, cohesive campaigns. “The human factor in our software is very important. This has always been the case, but in BOOST it comes out very clearly. This human-centric software helps organisations take their quality and risk management to the next level.”

Zenya BOOST, the latest Software as a Service solution from Infoland, is the fifth module of the already existing quality and risk management platform Zenya and has been available for use since this week. With its software, Infoland promises organisations can put current issues around these topics on the map in an approachable way and easily roll out campaigns, easily bringing large groups of employees along with changes. Zenya BOOST can be used as a standalone module or in combination with other Zenya modules.

Maurice van Abeelen, Zenya’s product manager, elaborates on the new software: “Zenya BOOST is a unique tool that allows you to reach, engage and move large groups of employees. It provides personalised information, shows how others do things and opens up opportunities for dialogue. The result is creating support and commitment, whether they want to go along with the change, or, on the contrary, stick with what has already been proven and tested.”

Highlight important topics in a fun, interactive way

Zenya BOOST strengthens already existing modules and thus organisations’ quality and risk management. Thanks to the software, you can ensure greater support as an organisation by creating context and understanding. This is much more efficient than putting up loose posters, emails and team meetings. Say an organisation has recently been receiving frequent phishing emails, and management notices that employees are unsure about the dangers of this, then they can use Zenya BOOST to highlight the issue of cybersecurity in a fun, interactive way.

With Infoland’s new software, you can easily alternate content. Doing just that keeps things interesting and allows organisations to engage employees in changes and important topics step by step. For instance, in the example of the cybersecurity campaign, the Chief Information Security Officer can upload a video on the dangers of phishing, but also ask knowledge questions to colleagues via a mini-quiz or share knowledge articles.

Van Abeelen: “The need we are filling with BOOST is very much alive among our customers. With our software suite Zenya (DOC, FLOW, RISK and CHECK), organisations are well equipped to deal with themes such as quality, safety and risk management. But there is another factor that is very important, and that is people. A factor you can’t always get a grip on. Organisations wonder how to get their employees on board when changes take place, more attention needs to be paid to information security or rules of conduct with business relations are tightened. From that question, BOOST was born.”

About Infoland

Since 1998, Infoland (Veldhoven, the Netherlands) has been creating smart software solutions that enable professionals and organisations to excel. The software, Zenya, helps organisations in all sectors to secure themes such as quality, safety, risk and continuous improvement. Quick access to relevant information and an enhanced ability to learn from errors or deviations are just some of the benefits for these organisations. Infoland makes a difference by creating high-quality yet easy-to-use software and enables professionals to get the most out of their working day, every day.

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