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Infoland partners with Hygiene Diagnostics (Sweden)

Infoland B.V. and Hygiene Diagnostics AB announced today that the companies have entered into a partnership to offer the Zenya software platform for effective quality and risk management in the Swedish market. For Infoland, it means further broadening its international operations in Sweden, while for Hygiene Diagnostics it means the opportunity to expand its product portfolio with new innovative digital solutions.

Infoland is an established software vendor (with offices in The Netherlands and Belgium) that develops standard but highly configurable software. Software that is used every day by over 1.8 million individuals in industries such as healthcare, food logistics, manufacturing and the energy sector. 

Frank Axelsson, CEO of Hygiene Diagnostics: “Our collaboration with Infoland opens a new and exciting product category for us through Zenya’s innovative QHSE software suite. This gives us unique opportunities to help our customers both streamline their compliance and implement our testing methods in a new more effective way. For Infoland we offer a new entrance door into the Swedish market and the opportunity to reach our broad customer base.”

Marieke Kessels, CEO of Infoland: “With this collaboration, Infoland can improve hygiene within important verticals such as healthcare and nutrition. We look forward to create valuable connections between the Benelux and Sweden!”

Our collaboration with Infoland gives us unique opportunities to help our customers both streamline their compliance and implement our testing methods in a new more effective way.”

Frank Axelsson
CEO at Hygiene Diagnostics:

About Infoland

Infoland (Veldhoven, The Netherlands) creates smart software solutions since 1998 that enable professionals and organisations to excel. The software, Zenya, helps organisations in all sectors to safeguard themes such as quality, safety, risk, and continuous improvement. Fast access to relevant information and an upgraded ability to learn from mistakes or deviations are only a few benefits for these organisations.

Infoland makes a difference by creating high-quality yet easy-to-use software and aims to enable professionals to get the most out of their workday, every day.

About Hygiene Diagnostics

Hygiene Diagnostics (Knvista, Sweden is a Swedish distributor company specializing in products and services for self-monitoring and quality assurance in hygiene-critical operations. The company currently has more than 600 customers across various industries, such as health and social care, life sciences, environmental protection and the food sector.

Frank Axelsson, CEO Hygiene Diagnostics

Frank Axelsson, CEO Hygiene Diagnostics

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Hygiene Diagnostics

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