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Floor Wijnheijmer

Healthcare Sales Consultant

My name is Floor Wijnheijmer – Puijman, and I am a Healthcare Sales Consultant. I am married and have two kids. Besides that, I love horse riding, skiing, and sailing.

After completing my HBO degree in Podiatry, I worked as a podiatrist in the Netherlands for several years. I then left for Canada to live and work there for a few years. Despite not being able to practice my profession there, I did have another useful and relevant experience. For example, as a Sales Consultant for Medical Devices.

A few years later, after coming back to the Netherlands, I set up quality systems for several practices. I also prepared audits, for the Podotherapy Practice Quality Standard.

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Thanks to her education and broad experience, Floor knows the challenges for healthcare organisations, and knows what is important. Since getting to know Zenya, she also understands better than anyone what the benefits of using a quality management software are.

She is curious about your challenges. With all her knowledge and experience, she can provide you with clear and straightforward advice. Would you like to brainstorm with her? She would love to hear from you.

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