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In Zenya DOC, we can easily create and edit documents ourselves. Especially with the advent of COVID, this tool has proven to be very useful for us.

Zenya helps Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier act swiftly

Nowhere are safety and quality more important than in the healthcare sector. In addition, the COVID pandemic showed how essential flexibility is. Johan Engels, ICT manager at Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier, Belgium, also experienced this. Here, digitalisation gained momentum last year. By now he knows his way around Zenya like no other. Read about […]

RAV Brabant: enthusiastic user of the Zenya Search App

When every second counts, you need to have instant access to the right documentation everywhere. Managing the app is intuitive. As a result, a lot goes automatically. The use of the app is not compulsory. Yet in 4 months’ time, it has already been consulted more than 1500 times. Practically everybody can benefit from the […]
Zenya and RAV - better care with a smart QMS for healthcare - Ambulance with drivers in front of garage
zorg - gelukkige moeder met kind

Risk management as an opportunity for disability organisation ORO

These are challenging times for disability care organisations. Turnover and results are under pressure due to agreements made in The Hague and the increasing competition. The transition from the AWBZ (general law on exceptional medical expenses) to the WMO (social support act) has heightened the uncertainty. ORO has turned these developments into an opportunity to become […]

Tjongerschans Hospital: from acting on a feeling to gaining concrete insight

It is easy to use the software. What I like about it is that it is very visual and clear. We can see at a glance what the biggest risks are. We use it in combination with the Zenya FLOW with which we actively send out the improvement measures to the relevant employees by e-mail. […]
Hospital corridor - Incident management for the prevention of incidents in hospitals - Tjongerschans Hospital
Verbeterde cliëntzorg met kwaliteitsmanagement

Argos Care Group:
HKZ-proof with Zenya software

“Of all the providers, Zenya, Infoland’s system, met our requirements best. Besides the fact that the package is very extensive, the support from Infoland is also optimal! Thanks to Zenya, we can continuously improve and keep the quality level high.”

Incident management at LUMC: structured in 66 types of reports

At Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), six security guards are walking around the premises at any time of the day. They ensure a safe environment in and around the hospital 24/7. When it was time, in 2018, to replace the former incident management system for registering and following up reports, the Zenya FLOW module turned out […]
Incidentmanagement en beveiliging van het LUMC eenvoudiger dankzij Zenya FLOW.