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ICL - Applying granular fertilizer to a green at Swinley Forest Golf Club using an SR-2000 spreader.

ICL digitised complex workflows with Zenya FLOW

ICL, a global fertiliser manufacturer, was in need of a system to digitise their New Product Request (NPR) process for their Dutch and Belgian operations. Until now, these requests, hundreds of which were made each year, were processed manually on paper. As a result, one request could easily cover dozens of A4 pages. Zenya FLOW […]

Euramax: from makeshift to mature incident management

Reporting incidents, creating reports and putting health and safety measurements in place. To put it bluntly, these were all rather makeshift processes at Euramax. Until about two years ago, when they switched to the Zenya FLOW module.¬†According to HSE manager Hertwig Halmans, the incident management system mainly stands out due to the simplicity and the […]
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