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Become a Zenya software reseller – Join our partner network 

What is the Infoland Partner Network?

After more than 23 successful years on the Dutch and Belgian markets, it’s now the right time to go global. Our market-leading and user-friendly risk and audit management software Zenya is now available to international resellers. 

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) are closely aligned with Infoland’s vision, and all have a solid track record in risk and/or audit management. This means that we are looking for companies on the lookout for software reseller opportunities. More specifically, we are interested in SaaS resellers. 

Are you an international software reseller business? We’d like you to become our reseller.

Becoming a reseller for Zenya – What’s in it for you? 

When you join the Zenya software reseller program and become an Infoland partner, you will have access to software that creates new business opportunities with existing and future clients. Proven software that helps businesses excel in an ever-changing world. 

More importantly, these reseller opportunities are not one-off transactions; they create long-term business relationships that generate recurring revenue, even after the initial (consultancy) assignment is completed. 

Becoming a Zenya reseller provides you with the unique opportunity to set your company apart from other reseller market players. 

  • Expansion of your business offer 
  • Receive Zenya product support in all sales stages 
  • Enjoy additional Zenya product training 

Why partner with Infoland? 

We’re a sound & stable business partner

Infoland is a financially secure and family-owned software development company. We’re proud of our success, and we want to share it with the right affiliate partners. We know what is most important to our customers. So not only can we make excellent software, but we also fully understand how organisations in various industries use it. 

Over 1.3 million end-users in all segments worldwide

We have over 500 customers in both healthcare (we are the market leader with 98% of all hospitals in The Netherlands using our software) and virtually all other markets. But that’s not the only target market in which you’ll find our software. The customers who use our SaaS products include prisons, airports, energy companies, shipbuilders, railway companies, agricultural cooperatives, and producers of high-quality food. This means that over 1.3 million users rely on our software every day. 

Expert industry knowledge combined with operation excellence

We work with nearly 100 colleagues from offices in the Netherlands and Belgium to constantly develop and improve our software. Our people work agile, solution-driven, and possess the extensive product and market knowledge required to answer tough questions and take the guesswork out of complex implementations.

How is Zenya different from other software? 

  • Very easy to use – Our interface, dashboards, and apps make our tools the easiest to use. 
  • Valuable for everyone – Our software is beneficial for everyone in the organisation. It is not just for the risk and audit managers. 
  • It is highly customisable (by end-users): Business users can configure our tools to fit their needs without the help of their IT department or paying for added services. 
  • Quickly put into operation: Unlike other solutions, most Zenya implementations complete within 30 to 60 days. 
  • We are cloud-based – Our SaaS system features automatic system updates and includes customer support. 

Zenya – The leading software platform

Keeping up with continuous change is a prerequisite for success in a dynamic world; as an organisation, a team, and a professional. That’s where Zenya comes in: your personal assistant for safety and quality management. You can easily start or complete actions and tasks in powerful dashboards that show at a glance where you stand and where you can still improve. 

Zenya is the best software for both quality management and risk management. It is a modular platform with all the tools you could want. Four modules, compelling on their own and even more robust together: 

How to become a reseller for Zenya

Are you a business reseller or are you thinking about becoming one? Are you interested in growing your business by expanding your software portfolio? We are actively looking for value-added resellers of software to add to our partner program. We want to discuss with you how the Zenya software can help you increase your business opportunities.

Fill in the reseller application form. Say yes!

Of course, we’ve tried to provide you with all the necessary information on what it means to be an Infoland partner and a Zenya reseller. Hopefully, what you now know is enough for you to decide that Zenya could very well be the next brilliant fit in your portfolio. 

However, should there still be questions left unanswered, then don’t refrain from contacting us. Together with you, we can review your options.

Have you run out of questions, and are you simply ready to join us in this business venture as an official partner in the Infoland partner network? Then, let us waste no time. Contact us on how to move forward.

No matter what your question or request is, contacting us is easy. We see no need for complicated application forms. Simply leave your details in the reseller application form on this page and, we’ll get the ball rolling.

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