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The #1 quality control and risk management platform in healthcare

Infoland has over 20 years of experience with quality control and risk management in healthcare. This is the core of Zenya. We know the ins and outs of guidelines and standards, like Qmentum, JCI and ISO 9001, and understand how Zenya can support you in this.

Therefore, you can trust in our software, that already is in use by over 400 healthcare organisations and join the more than 1.4 million professionals who work with Zenya daily.

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Maximum performance and smart solutions with our modules

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Quick access to the right information

Interactive documents for a perfect user experience

Full quality assurance and feedback loop

Easy knowledge sharing with external parties

Available, anytime, anywhere in the Search App

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For various alerts, inside and outside the organisation

Flexible workflows, easy to set up and run

Valuable reports and analyses

Actions for individuals and teams

Reporting, anytime and anywhere, with the Capture App

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For audits, checks, inspections and investigations

Surveys for internal and external use

For the execution of the entire audit process

Actions for individuals and teams

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Chart all organisation-wide risks

Risk dialogue for greater involvement

Management measures and control tests

Monitoring and adjusting via integral dashboard

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Discover the benefits of Zenya for healthcare organisations like yours


Exploit your potential for improvement by providing insight into what is going well, and what could be improved. Reports, audits, and surveys quickly show a complete picture.


Put teams in charge of their actions and tasks. Collaborate easily with external parties by sharing documents, and reporting incidents transmurally.

Time for care

Find your information quickly and anywhere. No unnecessary searching, and no redundant information. So you can get to work quickly and have more time for the patient or client.

kwaliteitsmanagement in de zorg meer tijd voor patienten

Focus on care responsibilities

In a time when information changes faster than ever, it is vital to ensure that every healthcare professional has access to the correct and most up-to-date information, anytime and anywhere. In addition, it should support them in their daily work to focus on their core task: caring for patients and clients.

Zenya DOC is the document management system that secures the entire information flow within your care organisation. It makes document management more efficient, so information is always available to employees, volunteers, and outsiders who need it.

With the smart Search App, employees always have the most up-to-date protocols and procedures at hand, wherever they are. This prevents errors, and makes working easier and more efficient, which makes a difference for your patients, every day.

Interactive documents also ensure that healthcare professionals do not have to read huge chunks of text, but can quickly find the relevant information in an appealing form.

Clear reports provide document managers with insight into the status of documents, and the progress of changes and authorisations. The core of Zenya Software was created over 20 years ago, with in mind: providing intelligent and thorough document management, which makes working easier.

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Meet standards such as Qmentum, JCI and ISO 9001

As a healthcare institution, it is essential to comply with quality and safety standards, such as Qmentum, JCI and ISO 9001. By recording these standards in the Zenya quality management system, everything can be found in one place. Additionally, when other standards and guidelines like ISO 15189 or ISO 27001 are registered an integrated view is provided.

With Zenya CHECK, all your internal audits, inspections and checks are planned. Questionnaires and checklists will then be easy to set out, in order to collect the necessary information. By loading the requirements of a standard, you will know exactly what to look for, which will always keep you prepared for an external audit.

By setting up task schedules, you will never miss an inspection or check-up again: the system will notify you when it is due. Furthermore, tasks can be assigned to individuals and teams, making internal cooperation easy. Zenya CHECK also offers the possibility to survey external parties such as clients, patients or suppliers, so that their experiences can be used to make improvements.

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Meet standards such as Qmentum, JCI and ISO 9001with questionaires in Zenya CHECK

“One of the great things about Zenya is that it is a very flexible system. We were given some steppingstones during the initial training, and we were told what we could do with the software.

After that, it pretty much became my playground.”

This is what healthcare professionals at the Heilighart Hospital in Lier (BE) said about Zenya. Read the full story »

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Working safely in the care sector, through safe incident reporting in healthcare industries

Working safely in the care sector, through safe incident reporting

The safety of employees, patients and clients must come first. This starts with consulting the correct protocols and procedures. But, unfortunately, now and then, something (almost) goes wrong.

Whether it’s accidents in the workplace or with patients, reporting incorrectly performed processes, or other anomalies, contributes to your organisation’s safety. Zenya FLOW provides an easy set up for logical workflows, which makes reporting various situations a breeze for everyone.

With the Capture App, everyone has the report forms at hand, making a report faster and easier. When objects such as rooms, appliances, etc., are recorded in the card index box, they can easily be selected when making a report. This makes reporting even more accessible, and it does not take up unnecessary time. It is also possible to report good practices to be shared internally, emphasizing the positive side of safety, while being entirely in line with Safety II.

A robust set of causal analysis tools, allow for investigation in the causes behind an incident, or set of incidents. By linking improvement measures, assigning them to individuals or teams, and keeping track of the status, via clear dashboards, you will always know how your organisation is doing in safety and quality, and where it can improve.

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An integral approach in healthcare with risk management software

Risk assessment in the healthcare industry is vital. Reporting, resolving, and investigating incidents, is necessary for a safe work environment, and higher quality of service. But, wouldn’t it be nice to prevent specific incidents?

Zenya RISK enables identification, assessment, and prioritisation of risks. By linking control measures, assigning them to individuals or teams, and monitoring them through periodic checks and clear dashboards, you will stay in control of your risks.

This risk management software is suitable for all risks from across the business, forming the basis for information security, and corporate governance. Moreover, does the tool support the conduct of a risk dialogue.

By linking risks to the objectives of your healthcare organisation, and involving employees from all lines of defence, risk awareness will increase, and involvement at all levels will be created. In this way, risks will be turned into opportunities that contribute to achieving your goals.

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An integral approach to risk management in healthcare

Trusted by 500+ organizations for quality control and risk management

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  • Humo for GPs puts all healthcare colleagues on the same page with Zenya

    Together with 61 GP practices, Humo for GPs (formerly known as ‘Care Group Synchroon’) aims to provide the best possible care to patients with a (chronic) illness. To achieve this, a lot of agreements are made and documents are shared with the various care colleagues. About two years ago, the care group felt the need to start doing this in a more efficient way. Maartje Schmeits (Manager prevention, quality and training at Humo for GPs) explains how they came to Zenya for this.

  • Radboudumc en Zenya

    Radboudumc improves healthcare with Good Practices

    During spring 2022, Radboudumc launched the Good Practices project. A major way to benefit from good experiences from one’s own organization. This benefits the quality of healthcare, processes and employee satisfaction. How does this work and what role does Zenya play in this? Silvia van Gils, senior advisor/auditor at Radboudumc explains.

  • Complimenten voor gebruik Zenya

    Qualicor Europe audit at Ikazia a succes partly due to Zenya

    In June 2021, Qualicor Europe conducted an audit at Ikazia Hospital Rotterdam. Ikazia passed the audit with flying colours and Qualicor gave a nice compliment for the way they use Zenya as a quality and risk management system. We’d like to know more about that.

  • In Zenya DOC, we can easily create and edit documents ourselves. Especially with the advent of COVID, this tool has proven to be very useful for us.

    Zenya helps Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier act swiftly

    Nowhere are safety and quality more important than in the healthcare sector. In addition, the COVID pandemic showed how essential flexibility is. Johan Engels, ICT manager at Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier, Belgium, also experienced this. Here, digitalisation gained momentum last year. By now he knows his way around Zenya like no other.

    Read about his experiences and why he recommends Zenya software.

  • Zenya and RAV - better care with a smart QMS for healthcare - Ambulance with drivers in front of garage

    RAV Brabant: enthusiastic user of the Zenya Search App

    When every second counts, you need to have instant access to the right documentation everywhere. Managing the app is intuitive. As a result, a lot goes automatically. The use of the app is not compulsory. Yet in 4 months’ time, it has already been consulted more than 1500 times. Practically everybody can benefit from the Zenya Search app.

  • zorg - gelukkige moeder met kind

    Disability organisation ORO: using risks as opportunities

    These are challenging times for disability care organisations. Turnover and results are under pressure due to agreements made in The Hague and the increasing competition. The transition from the AWBZ (general law on exceptional medical expenses) to the WMO (social support act) has heightened the uncertainty. ORO has turned these developments into an opportunity to become a more enterprising organisation. A solid risk management policy is an essential part of this.

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