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Employees can easily report incidents anytime and anywhere from their primary system. Whether they are in the office, on the road or on site

Handlers and stakeholders gain insight into incidents thanks to clear reports and clear dashboards, without compromising employee privacy

The system keeps the organisation on its toes by proactively pointing out outstanding actions. The PDCA cycle of incident reporting and improvement is thus secured

A reliable, integrated incident management solution

Creating a safe reporting culture is tricky. When incidents go unreported or inadequately reported, not only do improvement opportunities remain, but you also run the risk of reducing the quality of work.

At Infoland, we understand the complexities of incident management, thanks to more than 25 years of experience. With Zenya, you get a reliable and comprehensive solution to ensure quality across your organisation. This way, you maintain high standards by recording, handling, and analysing (near) incidents.

Automated incident management

With Zenya, employees can report directly from their own primary system—be it an intranet platform or another system. Handlers and stakeholders gain visibility into reported incidents thanks to clear reports and real-time dashboards, generated at the touch of a button.

Our solution is going to save you a lot of time, as the process around incident management will now happen automatically. Zenya proactively alerts you and your affected colleagues to open actions, ensuring smooth incident handling. The PDCA cycle around incident management is thus fully secured in your organisation.

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How do we do it exactly?

Below you can read briefly how we work if you choose our incident management solution.


Our consultant will contact you to schedule the kickstart. During this, the complete solution is discussed with you and your wishes for the configuration are inventoried. This gives you a detailed picture and gives the consultant the right information to fine-tune the solution for your organisation.

Instruction of key users

The solution is easy to use, but we are happy to lend a helping hand. Short and accessible instructions will get your key users up and running in no time.

Solution delivery

Based on the information from the kickstart, the consultant configures the solution. With our expertise, the various elements are ready for use in no time. So you quickly have your complete solution.

Online help

Do you still have questions after deploying the solution? Then please contact your functional manager. Thanks to our expertise, we will quickly answer your questions and implement changes in the solution. This allows you to keep your full focus on the content!

What do other organisations say about this solution?

‘What we see as big advantages are the ease of use and the reliability of the information we get from the data.’

Hertwig Halmans
HSE Manager at Euramax

‘Because our process is so complex, we do a lot of things differently from others. Fortunately, the system is so flexible that I can adjust the entire workflow.’

Randy Baeten
Functional Administrator and Senior QA Specialist

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