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What does Zenya do for waste companies?

Waste collection and processing never stop. The Netherlands takes it for granted that it happens flawlessly; it only becomes noticeable when the waste industry does not function as it should.

Alongside waste collection, waste companies are also working on sustainability. The reuse of raw materials plays an increasingly important role. In the Netherlands, approximately 80% of waste is already being recycled. But as we strive for a circular economy, this percentage must increase. Raw materials must be reused because that offers enormous opportunities in the sustainability process.

Within the industry, sustainability and CO2 reduction are vital points. To keep full focus on the future, it is essential to have insight into the risks regarding safety and quality, such as around workplaces, and manage them efficiently. This enables you to put much-needed energy into developing the circular economy.

Working on the circular economy encourages you to renew and improve continuously. But, of course, you want to do this in a way that does justice to current and future laws and regulations. Zenya’s software helps you do that.

Zenya helps you collect, organise, and share insights and information so that quality and risk management communications are appropriate and relevant. Zenya increases quality and safety awareness within your organisation since our software has an activating function. Employees must realise the negative and positive consequences of their actions. You can see Zenya as a personal assistant, dynamically supporting you.

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What are the benefits of Zenya?


People come first; processes only serve the organisation

Proactive & reactive

Zenya supports proactive and reactive action

Ease of use

Zenya makes your working day more efficient and easier

  • Aqualectra Website - Lifestyle

    Aqualectra on Curaçao swaps Excel for Zenya

    Aqualectra is the Curaçao government utility company that produces and distributes water and electricity to more than 80,000 households and businesses. Its 615 dedicated employees work every day to ensure a trouble-free supply of water and electricity to its customers. Meanwhile, 40% of its supply consists of renewable energy.

    Risk management is a crucial part of Aqualectra’s operations and processes. For this purpose it recently started using Zenya, a software solution for risk and quality management, among other things. In addition to Zenya RISK, the company also uses FLOW and CHECK modules.

  • Kwaliteitsmanagement Software Zenya bij Essent

    Quality management at Essent: from failures to efficiency

    Essent, one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands, chose Infoland to deliver a new quality management system. In 2015, a new era dawned for Essent Risk Management: a new department that was to focus entirely on integrated risk management, with value creation and business partnership as its spearheads. A department where support with the right tools is necessary. However, the outdated tool was causing malfunctions and frustrations. It was high time for a new solution.”

Maximising performance with smart solutions for the waste sector

  • Zenya is the best QHSE software for both quality management and risk management. You can rely on a robust quality and risk management system that guarantees insight into issues and deviations 24/7. It offers the possibility to report incidents adequately, learn from them, and improve.
  • We guarantee this with a modular platform and tools that support you. Four modules to stay in control when it comes to risk management, smart incident management, always being prepared for audits and having the right and most current information at hand everywhere. These modules are extremely powerful individually and even stronger together.

Discover the Zenya software suite

The best quality management software
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Sharing and securing

Interactive documents

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Clear at a glance what you have done, what risk you face and what you can still do.”

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