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What does Zenya do for water companies?

As a water supplier, you work day in and day out to ensure a consistently high level of our (drinking) water. The well-being and health of hundreds of thousands of people depend on your work. That requires constant attention to safety and quality.

The quality of water is under increasing pressure. Water sources are being polluted by pesticides, soil contamination, salinisation and drug residues. In addition, numerous critical processes require close monitoring 24/7.

To keep maximum focus on water quality, it is vital to have insight into the risks in terms of safety and quality, such as around workplaces, and manage them efficiently. This enables you to put much-needed energy into the (drinking) water characteristics.

Working on a continuously high level of drinking water stimulates you to renew and improve constantly. But, of course, you want to do this in a way that does justice to current and future laws and regulations. Zenya’s software helps you to do that.

Zenya helps you gather, organise, and share insights and information so that quality and risk management communications are appropriate and relevant. Zenya increases quality and safety awareness within your organisation since our software has an activating function. Employees must realise the negative and positive consequences of their actions. You can see Zenya as a personal assistant, dynamically supporting you.

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What are the benefits of Zenya?


People come first; processes only serve the organisation

Proactive & reactive

Zenya supports proactive and reactive action

Ease of use

Zenya makes your working day more efficient and easier

Maximising performance with smart solutions for water companies

  • Zenya is the best QHSE software for both quality management and risk management. You can rely on a robust quality and risk management system that guarantees insight into issues and deviations 24/7. It offers the possibility to report incidents adequately, learn from them, and improve.
  • We guarantee this with a modular platform and tools that support you. Four modules to stay in control when it comes to risk management, smart incident management, always being prepared for audits and having the right and most current information at hand everywhere. These modules are extremely powerful individually and even stronger together.

Five unique solutions

One high-performance software suite for quality and risk management

Efficiently manage and distribute documents from a central location.

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Easily set up incident management and workflows

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Discovering improvement potential thanks to audits, checks and questionnaires.

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To be in operational control and turn strategic risks into opportunity.

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Strengthen quality and risk management and involve employees.

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Clear at a glance what you have done, what risk you face and what you can still do.”

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