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As a professional, you work with multiple information systems daily. It would be preferable to notice as little as possible about this. You want quick and easy access to the information you need. We understand that. Our solution is not to replace all information systems in your organisation with a single system. Zenya’s strength lies in the possibilities you have as an organisation to link and integrate the software with (existing) solutions so that it works for you.

Our smart links

Digital workplace

A digital workplace is a place that makes it easy for professionals to find the correct information in one search, share knowledge and consult colleagues for help or consultation. From the start page, you can easily activate all the applications you need. Even the applications that are not web-based. Information from various pages is presented in the digital workplace. In other words, it is the place where you go for all your (digital) work. Zenya can be integrated into this so that it supports you optimally.

SharePoint Online is a great example of this. By using the SharePoint Online integration it no longer matters whether the information is stored in SharePoint or in Zenya DOC.

Social intranet

In more and more organisations, social intranets are the starting point for employees to share, search and find information. Therefore, it is important that you can link Zenya with it so that relevant information can be found on the home page. But also so that reports can be created and followed up directly from the intranet. Read more about the possibilities of integration with your social intranet here.

This way there is enough time for the participants of the Escrow arrangement to make a new agreement with a hosting provider or to find another suitable solution.

Microsoft 365

Our software connects seamlessly with Microsoft 365. If you want to edit a Word or Excel document, the corresponding application is automatically started (on Windows PCs) and uploaded to the document management system after editing.

Does your organisation use Microsoft 365? Then you can edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with one click from the document management system in Office Online: the familiar Office tools within your web browser.

Electronic patient record (ECD/EPC)

We also have integrations and interfaces for the healthcare sector. Our solution delivers even more value when linked to your healthcare institution’s patient or client file. We do this based on open standards. This makes it possible to link your electronic patient file to our software. We have a specific interface available for Nedap Ons and mijnCaress, so a connection can be made for these as well. Want to know how this works? Please read it here!

CRM and ERP systems

A CRM or ERP system is one of the tools that make it possible to process customer data. It optimises the relationship between your company and the customer. The system ensures that, for example, relations and appointments are processed within your organisation.

Business Intelligence

We make it possible to add the relevant data from our systems to the business intelligence solution of your organisation.

User management and authentication

Our software ensures that every professional is offered information relevant to them and to which they are authorised. We work with Single Sign-on, which means that you do not have to log in every time. This is done automatically for you. You can read all about user management and authentication here.

The possibilities are endless…

Besides the examples above, there are many more applications where a smart interface makes working faster, easier, and error-free.

See our pages for software developers for complete documentation of the technical interfaces in our software.

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