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One complete overview in your BI-cockpit

Data only becomes valuable when employees have insight and an overview of it. Our software features interactive dashboards and extensive reporting functionalities. This offers more insight. In addition, your organisation may feel the need to report across multiple information systems and establish intelligent relationships. We are happy to make it possible to feed the relevant data from our systems into the business intelligence solution of your organisation. Think, for example of Microsoft PowerBI or Qlik Sense.

To link with the BI solution, we can provide you with an Azure SQL instance that is filled nightly with current data. In addition, there are various APIs to read current data from our software for reporting purposes.

In practice

Zenya works with interactive dashboards. This makes it easy for you to gain insight into the number of incidents in your organisation, for example. However, do you want to see the number of incidents in relation to the number of patients or customer projects of your organisation? You can achieve this by combining data from Zenya and other systems, such as a tool like PowerBI.

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Our modules

Maximum performance with smart solutions

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The right information quickly available

Interactive documents for a perfect user experience

Full quality assurance and feedback loop

Easy knowledge sharing with external parties

Available, anytime, anywhere with the Search App

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For various alerts, inside and outside the organisation

Flexible workflows, easy to set up and run

Valuable reports and analyses

Actions for individuals and teams

Reporting, anytime and anywhere, with the Capture App

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For audits, checks, inspections and investigations

Surveys for internal and external use

For the execution of the entire audit process

Actions for individuals and teams

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Chart all organisation-wide risks

Risk dialogue for greater involvement

Control measures and control tests

Monitoring and adjusting via integral dashboard

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