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More and more organisations are using Microsoft 365, of which SharePoint Online is a part. SharePoint is a good and pleasant solution for storing and sharing documents, therefore starting to become commonplace in more and more organisations.

For documents and information where advanced management capabilities are needed or desired, because of compliance for instance, a DMS like Zenya DOC offers the solution. But Zenya DOC is also the perfect solution for decision-based information, or information that can be presented in a form other than a standard Word or Excel document.

There is no need to choose either SharePoint or Zenya DOC; they complement each other. However, professionals do not want to think about where to find specific information, it should just be readily available. Therefore Infoland, in collaboration with CognIT, offers a SharePoint Online Integration Kit for Zenya. In this way, the two pieces of software complement each other perfectly!

Searching in SharePoint and Zenya at the same time

A frustration of many professionals is the multitude of systems they have to work with. If your organisation uses both SharePoint Online and Zenya, the big question is: where is the document or information you are looking for as a professional?

Searching in SharePoint first and then going to Zenya, and vice versa is not a desirable situation for anyone. Even more so, it can be a motive for inventing detours and your own working methods.

With the SharePoint Online Integration Kit, this is a thing of the past: you offer a single search bar to your employees. This bar displays the results of a search in both Zenya and SharePoint. So professionals now only need to use the search bar without thinking about where the information is stored.

Zenya Integratie met Sharepoint

Web Parts: Zenya information as part of SharePoint sites

The SharePoint Online Integration Kit capabilities go a step further than a common search function. In SharePoint sites you can include overviews of Zenya:

  • Favourite Zenya documents;
  • Recently accessed documents;
  • Zenya documents on a particular theme;

This ensures that even when professionals are working from SharePoint as a basis, they can access important information from Zenya at a glance.

The SharePoint Online Integration Kit is available as an add-on to Zenya and for this you as an organisation pay a fixed monthly fee per user.

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