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A growing number of organisations are using Microsoft 365, part of which includes SharePoint Online. SharePoint is a good and pleasant solution for storing and sharing documents, which is starting to become common in more and more organisations as a result.

For documents and information where, for example due to compliance, advanced management capabilities are necessary or desired, a DMS like Zenya DOC offers the solution. As well as decision-based information, or information that can be presented in a form other than a standard Word or Excel document, Zenya DOC is the perfect solution.

There is no need to choose either SharePoint or Zenya DOC, they actually complement each other. Professionals do not want to think about where to find certain information, as this should be easily available. This is why Infoland offers a SharePoint Online integration for Zenya with two possible solutions: the Microsoft Search Connecter for Zenya and the Zenya WebParts for SharePoint Online. With these solutions, the two systems also complement each other perfectly in practice! 


Search in SharePoint and Zenya simultaneously

A frustration of many professionals is a multitude of systems that they have to work with. Does your organisation use both SharePoint Online and Zenya? In that case, the big question is: where can you find the document or the information you are looking for as a professional?

Searching SharePoint first and then having to go to Zenya (and vice versa) is not a desirable situation for anyone. More than that, it can encourage employees to invent their own methods of working.

With the Microsoft Search Connector for Zenya, this is history: this allows your organisation to offer a single search bar to your employees. A search will show results from both Zenya and SharePoint. As a result, professionals no longer have to think about where the information is stored.

Web Parts: Zenya information as part of SharePoint pages

Zenya Web Parts for SharePoint Online

Would you like to go one step further than an all-encompassing search function? Do you work with theme pages or department pages on which you want to display information from Zenya? If so, make Zenya information part of those pages with the Zenya Web Parts for SharePoint Online. With this solution, you enrich your SharePoint sites with live information from Zenya:

  • Your favourite Zenya documents;
  • Recently accessed documents;
  • Zenya documents on a specific topic;
  • Targeted searches in a selection of Zenya documents;
  • Search throughout all of Zenya.

This ensures that even when professionals are working from SharePoint as a basis, they can access important information from Zenya at a single glance.

Want to know more about this smart integration?

Would you like to know more about the SharePoint Online Integration? Or are you curious about the specifications and benefits of the Microsoft Search Connecter for Zenya or the Zenya WebParts for SharePoint Online? 

Then feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to tell you more about the different connections and how these two systems complement each other perfectly in practice.

Both the Microsoft Search Connector for Zenya and Zenya WebParts for SharePoint Online are add-ons, for which you pay a fixed annual fee.

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