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Search and find information quickly and easily through your intranet

An intranet has many possibilities: sharing news, a facebook and access to the HR system are just a few examples. We find it important that our software’s documents, forms, and other information are quickly accessible and findable through your intranet. To realise this, we work closely with several intranet suppliers. Some of these are:

  • Workspace 365
  • Iris Intranet
  • a&m impact
  • Winkwaves
  • Embrace

All intranet links are based on web-based APIs in our software. Whatever technology your intranet is based on, an interface is almost always feasible. If your intranet vendor can’t deliver the interface out of the box (yet), he can certainly develop it for you. Please read how to do this in our extensive information pages for software developers.

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