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Developing software that really helps organisations and professionals is what we have been doing at Infoland for over 20 years. We have deliberately chosen to develop standard software. Because hundreds of organisations now use our software, we have the strength to develop it quickly. In that development, we listen carefully to the input and feedback from our customers. This results in updates from which every customer can benefit.

Because organisations face new challenges at an ever-increasing pace and technological developments are also accelerating, we have opted for a methodology that puts agility first. We work according to Agile Scrum and can respond quickly to new insights. Our development planning is not for fixed years or months in advance. Instead, we work with short iterations of two weeks. This allows us to learn from feedback every 14 days, we can adjust priorities, and we do exactly what is best for our customers.

We like to involve our clients in this process. Are you an Infoland customer, and do you have an idea of how the software could be even better? Then you can share it with our active user community. Together we determine which developments are most important. As soon as we start working on a development, we involve groups of future users in our work. By allowing you to sound off at an early stage or test-run our software, you directly contribute to an end result perfectly in line with practice.

During this entire process, we do not lose sight of quality. We do not wait to test the software until everything is ready, on the contrary. Each development team has several experienced test engineers and based on a risk assessment, they determine which test activities are required. They ensure that these are carried out before the end of the sprint. Then they go a step further and ensure that our test robots can repeat the test every night to really be sure that it is good. If there are any problems in the future, we will find out immediately and solve the problem before you are affected.

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