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Choosing SaaS means relinquishing control. That can be pretty scary.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully examine how continuity is guaranteed if you opt for SaaS. We are happy to tell you all about it.

Guarantee high availability of the software

Our infrastructure contains no single point of failure

Our SaaS services are based on the platform-as-a-service concept within Microsoft Azure. This means that Microsoft ensures continuous high availability of the service. This includes the redundancy of all components.

For data storage, we use Azure SQL with the “Business Critical tier” with availability zones. This means that 1 to 3 secondary nodes are continuously active in addition to the primary node. These are located in other physical data centres.

For the storage of files, we use Azure Blob Storage with GZRS (Geographic Zone Redundant Storage) for redundancy. This means that the data is always synchronously distributed across at least three physical locations.

High performance 24/7

We monitor the availability of the hosting environment and the software running on it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To do this, we use the software of Uptrends, ActiveXperts and the extensive possibilities within the Azure platform.

We ensure that your environment always performs well. We do this by continuously measuring resource usage and real-user performance. This concerns the actual loading times of frequently used screens within Zenya. Then, if necessary, we can quickly increase or expand resources.

We detect any malfunctions immediately and investigate them within 15 minutes. In addition, when troubleshooting, we can rely on the 24/7 support of our partners. This means that we can always investigate faults immediately.

We handle updates cleverly

Keeping software elements in the infrastructure up to date is vital to protect them against hacks, malicious software (such as ransomware) and other attacks. Therefore, we, and our partners ensure that the hosted environment has the latest updates for the OS and supporting products.

Thanks to our smart infrastructure and software architecture, we are able to let end users notice fewer and fewer updates. All components are redundant, whereby one instance can be taken out of the rotation for maintenance & updates. At the same time, other instances ensure that users can continue to work without interruption.

In cases where we cannot perform the update completely unnoticed (for example, major updates to our software), we do everything we can to keep the time that the software is unavailable as short as possible. We schedule the work at a time when we know, from anonymous statistics, that we will inconvenience a minimal number of users.

Something has gone wrong

(Business) continuity plan

We have (business) continuity plans to act quickly in the event of a calamity. This enables us to ensure that the impact remains as limited as possible.

Emergency procedures

If the software is unavailable or inaccessible (for example, if your organisation’s internet connection were to fail), there are various other possibilities for ensuring that your employees still have access to essential information. You must think about this well in advance, for example, during implementation. At a later stage, solutions such as working with 4G are only left over possibility. You can prevent this by periodically exporting certain sets of documents to emergency laptops within your organisation, or by using the Zenya Search app in offline mode.

Backup and restore

For data storage, we use Azure SQL and Azure Blob Storage.

A transactional log backup of each Azure SQL database is made every 5-10 minutes. In addition, a differential backup plus a full backup of the Azure SQL database is performed every 12-24 hours. Backups are retained over a 2-week period, allowing data to be restored from any point in time (to an accuracy of 5-10 minutes) from the past 2 weeks. A copy of the backups is stored in another data centre located at a sufficient geographical distance (but always within the EEA).

Every Azure Blob Storage account has a “Point in Time” restore capability. So there is always a backup (asynchronous) of less than 15 minutes old in another data centre that is sufficiently distant (but always within the EEA).

You can submit a request to restore a backup. In consultation with us a possible restore is then carried out. Infoland itself does this. There may be costs associated with restoring a backup at your request.

Infoland performs monthly file-restore tests.

Relocation to another data centre

We use the Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service, where we make use of Microsoft Azure regions that consist of multiple physical data centres. In the unlikely event of a data centre failure, processes running there are instantly taken over by other data centres within the same region.


In the unlikely event that we can no longer meet our obligations, the continuity of the SaaS service for your organisation can be guaranteed through an Escrow arrangement.

Every Infoland customer has the option to participate in a collective Escrow arrangement. Because the Escrow arrangement is based on collectivity, the costs for the participating members can be significantly lower than if each organisation would have to enter into an individual Escrow arrangement with us.

The Escrow provider ensures that – when the situation arises – the hosting providers are paid for a certain period. The SaaS service remains active, and you can continue to use the software.

This way, there is enough time for the participants of the Escrow Settlement to make a new agreement with a hosting provider or to find another suitable solution.

Data remains with your organisation

Data entered into our software will always remain the property of your organisation.
If, for any reason, you want to stop using the Zenya software, the data entered can be exported. So-called export functions are available in our software, with output to the most common formats such as Excel, Word, PDF and ZIP files. If desired, Infoland can also deliver the complete data once in the form of a Microsoft SQL Server backup file (BAK file) and any separate associated files upon the termination of the subscription.

Stay up to date

As a result of the above-mentioned measures, scheduled maintenance rarely causes any disruption. However, in cases where some degree of disruption is expected, we always give notice in advance. We do this via email (to the contact person designated by your organisation) and via our maintenance page.

In the unlikely event that an acute disruption occurs with an impact on availability or performance, we will let you know immediately. We will do this via email (to the contact person designated by your organisation) and via our website.

We work together with:

To ensure the reliability and continuity of your data, we work with carefully selected partners.


Microsoft provides the platform-as-a-service infrastructure on which our SaaS services run. The Microsoft Azure platform is characterised by high availability and is a solid basis for our SaaS platform.

Microsoft Azure is ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified, among others, and also meets the requirements of the NEN7510.


Flowmailer B.V. is used for sending emails from our software solutions.
Flowmailer is also used for sending emails from our software solutions when assigning tasks or software relevant notifications.


Escrow4all provides a good and inexpensive collective Escrow arrangement for Infoland customers.

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