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One of the advantages of SaaS is that there are far fewer technical issues to be resolved before your organisation can start using the software. SaaS is always and everywhere available from day 1! On this page, we inform you about what needs to be arranged. Think for example, of a supported web browser. We also like to tell you something about the architecture of our software. After all, we are proud of it!

Working with our software

The software of Infoland is web-based. This means that you don’t need more than a recent version of a modern web browser for most functionalities: Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

You will also need a PDF reader, e.g. Adobe Reader if it is not standard in your web browser.

Do you use Microsoft 365? Then you will benefit from our integration with Office Online. You can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from Zenya. Just from your web browser! Want to know more about this? Read this document about Microsoft 365 & Zenya.

Don’t have Microsoft 365 (yet) or want to be able to use the full power of the Microsoft Office desktop applications? That is also possible because Zenya can integrate with Microsoft Office. However, there are specific system requirements you need to take into account.

Building Zenya

As an end-user of Zenya, you work via your favourite web browser. Of course, it is also possible to use the apps available for this (for iOS or Android). Behind the scenes, we use a professional infrastructure and develop our software using modern technologies. We are constantly looking for a good balance between proven and new techniques. Proven techniques to ensure higher reliability and new techniques to be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Our platform

Since spring 2021, we have been using platform-as-a-service services within Microsoft Azure to host our software. The following diagram will tell you what our platform looks like under the bonnet:

Azure Schema

Web front-end

Azure App Service ensures that the end user’s interaction with our software is handled neatly. These are divided into several groups for live, test and beta environments. Azure App Services are characterised by very high availability. In addition, these services can automatically be scaled up to guarantee optimal performance at all times.

The traffic is directed to the App Services by Azure Application Gateway. In addition, the integrated Web Application Firewall and Azure DDos Protection are used.

Techniques we use to serve up the web pages include ASP.NET, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS 3 and JQuery.


We build our apps using Xamarin technology and distribute them via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The apps communicate with REST APIs. These APIs are hosted in the application front-end. The APIs for the purpose of integration with other systems are also hosted here.

Data storage and microservices

The data storage within databases uses Azure SQL in the ‘business-critical tier’. This allows us to guarantee high performance and redundancy. For file storage, we use Azure Storage Accounts and containers.

Finally, in the backend, we host several microservices that perform specific tasks within our software. These include maintaining the search index for our search engine, performing daily tasks and converting files. We host the microservices on a mix of Azure App Services, Docker containers and virtual machines. As a result, each virtual machine and Docker container is redundant, and multiple instances of our app services are always running.

Of course, we want you to be fully informed about our software. That’s why we offer other articles in addition to this information about technology and system requirements. Read more about it:

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