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Our lives are becoming more mobile every day. Many professionals do not work behind a desk but are on the move, standing at a bedside, at the assembly line or somewhere totally different with no computer at hand.

These professionals often need certain information, work descriptions, manuals and instructions. Or should be able to report an incident or anomaly.

In these situations, having to walk to the nearest computer is a waste of time. They just need that information at their fingertips. And they should be able to report it on the spot.

You can make it happen! With the Zenya apps, you always have the right information at hand on the device of your choice. It is also easy to create reports. Read on to find out how your work can become more efficient and smarter with Zenya apps.

Zenya Capture app: user-friendly incident reporting app

Increase the willingness to report in your organisation thanks to a low-threshold and user-friendly incident reporting app. It allows employees to report incidents, unsafe situations, complaints or suggestions more quickly, and enables you to implement continuous improvement actions.

The Zenya Capture reporting app will help you gain control over risky situations and reduce the number of incidents.

No internet connection? No problem. Notifications are automatically delivered as soon as you are back online.

User friendly and low threshold

Anyone can use the app without additional knowledge.

Smart questions help you to report quickly and accurately

You will only see the questions that fit the type of notification or the location.

Create reports at any location

Report wherever you are and whenever something happens. Anytime, anywhere.

Easily add photos, locations and devices

The report will be clearer if you can add this extra information, without extra effort.

Zenya Capture App - Gebruiksvriendelijk en eenvoudig
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Zenya Search App - Documentenstructuur

Zenya Search app: documents at hand, anytime, anywhere

For anyone who does not (always) work from a computer but regularly consults business documents, the Zenya Search App for document management is the ideal solution.

Everyone will have the latest version of documents and data at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Searching is just as easy, so you can find the right information in no time.

Interactive documents make it even easier to search through lengthy documents: a number of smart questions are used to display only the relevant information at that moment.

No internet connection? No problem. Documents are automatically saved within the app, so you always have your documents at hand, wherever you are.

Avoid unnecessary searches thanks to the smart search functionality

Every user has the most frequently used documents at hand immediately thanks to the search and favourites function.

Continuous improvement thanks to the feedback function

The app allows you to easily report to the document manager that information is not or no longer correct.

Receive instant notifications when content changes

Always the right information by being notified of changes and new documents.

Document structure is the same everywhere

The structure of documents and data in the app is similar to the structure used in Zenya.

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Zenya Assist app: all device information in your pocket

Standing near a device and needing to perform an action without having a clue as to how it works; sound familiar? You walk back to the computer, log in, look up the document, memorise the necessary information or print it out and then walk back to the device to run the operation.

Unnecessary waste of time, right? Especially if this happens regularly in your organisation. The Zenya Assist app will make this much more efficient.

Prevent errors thanks to images and clear information

The information about a device does not have to be text-only. Add photos to clarify and avoid errors.

Information via QR code, NFC tag, Bluetooth Beacon

Need operating instructions or a maintenance checklist? Or do you want to report a malfunction? You have everything at hand by scanning the code.

Save time with the user-friendly app

All the information you need from the device is always at hand, wherever you are and without the need for a PC.

Zenya Assist App - Direct alle gegevens
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Our modules

Maximum performance with smart solutions

Zenya DOC - Module logo full-color


Quick access to the right information

Interactive documents for a perfect user experience

Full quality assurance and feedback loop

Easy knowledge sharing with external parties

Available, anytime, anywhere in the Search App

Zenya FLOW - Module logo full-color


For various alerts, inside and outside the organisation

Flexible workflows, easy to set up and run

Valuable reports and analyses

Actions for individuals and teams

Reporting, anytime and anywhere, with the Capture App

Zenya CHECK - Module logo full-color


For audits, checks, inspections and investigations

Surveys for internal and external use

For the execution of the entire audit process

Actions for individuals and teams

Zenya RISK - Module logo full-color


Chart all organisation-wide risks

Risk dialogue for greater involvement

Management measures and control tests

Monitoring and adjusting via integral dashboard

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SaaS: safe and reliable

Zenya - Branches - Zorg

Zenya is a SaaS solution

Or: Software as a Service. This means that you do not have to worry about (technical) management and security of the application: we take care of that for you. From updates to maintenance: we guarantee that you get the best quality management system and that it is always available.
ISO gecertificeerd

Compliant with ISO standards and laws and regulations

Our data centre is ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 certified. Therefore, you can always count on using a smart DMS.

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