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The approachable and people-oriented software to strengthen your quality and risk management


Reach and activate a large group of employees by involving them step by step in changes and important themes


Increase support by actively involving people and letting them enter into dialogue

Keeping focus

Keep people focused on existing procedures and working methods

Change and improvement are a joint effort

Organisational change is the order of the day. Zenya BOOST will help you reach large groups of employees and get them on board with these changes. Not by means of separate emails, posters and team meetings, but with effective, cohesive campaigns that make a real impact.

Zenya BOOST helps you create the support you need by creating context and understanding and engaging people. Understanding why an issue is important and what is expected of people makes them more likely to cooperate and achieve goals. By allowing employees to engage in dialogue among themselves, Zenya BOOST allows the power of the group to work. This way, you quickly and effectively get people on board and keep them focused to (continue to) follow existing and proven protocols, practices and behaviour.

Zenya BOOST is effective not only for boosting your quality and risk management, but can also be used to put social issues, such as transgressive behaviour and corporate social responsibility, on the agenda.

Why Zenya BOOST?

  • The low-threshold and people-oriented software to strengthen your quality and risk management;
  • Reach and activate a large group of employees by leading them through changes and important themes in step-by-step manner;
  • Expand support by actively involving people and getting them to engage in dialogue;
  • Keep people focused on established procedures and practices.

Developing, deploying and managing campaigns

With Zenya BOOST, you have access to easy-to-use and intuitive software that allows you to develop your own smart campaigns and plot them over time. For setting up a campaign, you can use the templates provided. Simply fill them with new content, or use content from Zenya or another system. The more specific and personal you set up a campaign, the more effective it will be.

There are all kinds of options in the campaign management to plan and coordinate the total lead time and all intermediate steps. As a campaign manager, you can easily monitor how many people you actually reach and have insight into feedback and dialogues between employees. The valuable information enables you to adjust campaign components if it turns out that there is confusion, misunderstanding or lack of clarity about something.

Content with a fun factor

Campaigns can be made up of different types of content. With Zenya BOOST, you appeal to a large group of employees personally, make it clear what their role is and what is expected of them. By using challenging statements, images, videos or targeted questions – with or without a fun factor – you get employees to actively think about the theme and receive their feedback. Alternatively, they can respond to the reactions of others. This dialogue is particularly valuable because it ensures even higher engagement with the theme of your campaign.

Zenya BOOST is broadly applicable to any organisation and to anyone who wants to boost quality and risk management and successfully create change within an organisation. To initially get everyone on the same page and to keep people focused in the long run.

Available documentation

What makes Zenya BOOST unique?

  • Zenya BOOST is quick to implement and immediate to use.
  • Zenya BOOST allows you clear insight into how certain issues live within the organisation. You can directly respond to employees' attitudes, beliefs, understanding and knowledge.
  • Zenya BOOST allows you to bring organisational and social issues, projects and challenges to the attention of your employees in a fun and active way.

Want to get started with Zenya BOOST too?

Zenya BOOST is intended for existing and prospective Zenya users who want to strengthen their quality and risk management and actively involve employees in organisational change.

How does Zenya BOOST fit your organisation?

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Which tools does Zenya BOOST provide?

Working with Zenya BOOST provides you with a versatile tool to strengthen quality and risk management and to actively involve employees in changes within organisations.

What can you expect from Zenya BOOST?

Online activation

Easily invite employees via email to visit responsive and interactive campaign pages.

Ready-made templates

Zenya BOOST includes ready-made templates for professional and attractive-looking campaigns.

Choose your content

Easily equip your campaigns using content from other Zenya modules or use your own content. Examples include text, photos, video and multiple choice questions.

Timed messages

When setting up a campaign, you can schedule messages in advance for automatic sending in the future.

Clear timelines

Keep track of the progress of each campaign on a clear timeline.

Monitoring and adjusting

Employee dialogues and feedback can be continuously monitored and adjusted. If necessary, you can pause a campaign.

Insight into reach

Optimal insight into the reach of running and completed campaigns, including opt-outs and completion of campaign steps.

Compare target groups

Thanks to insight into participants’ feedback and answers, you can easily compare target groups.


A convenient online chat function allows you to stimulate dialogue and involve employees.

Campaign development training

Part of the implementation is a basic training for developing effective campaigns.

User training

Zenya BOOST is very easy to use. If required, user training is available, including for moderating the chat.

Why do others use Zenya BOOST?

  • Zenya BOOST was designed in close cooperation with customers and users. The software module uses proven technology and has been extensively tested among its target audience.
  • Our software is subject to continuous improvement and further development, with user feedback at its core.
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SaaS - Safe and secure

Icoon Laptop - Zenya Kwaliteits- en Risicomanagement Software

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Zenya software suite via SaaS

Zenya is a SaaS solution. In other words, Software as a Service. This means that you do not have to worry about the (technical) management and security of the application.
Everything from updates to maintenance, we ensure that you'll receive the best quality management system available at all times.
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We are committed to excellence

To make sure we are on top of our game and to demonstrate our quality, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.
In addition, we have our operational quality, processes and control measures verified annually by DNV GL.

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