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Snel informatie vinden met slimme zoekresultaten binnen Zenya DOC documentmanagement software

Smart search algorithms

Find information quickly thanks to various filters and search suggestions.

Easy document management

Keep documents and processes up to date; independently or together.

Sharing and securing

Share documents, internally and externally, with stakeholders. Guarantee assessment and authorisation.

Interactive documents

Find the most relevant information immediately thanks to targeted questions.

Document management with Zenya DOC

We have over 20 years of experience with document management in various industries. We can share best practices with you and help you to get you started right away. Start working smarter and more efficiently with a document management tool today.


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Snel informatie vinden met slimme zoekresultaten binnen Zenya DOC documentmanagement software

Prevent errors with document management in a smart DMS

Professionals must be able to find the right, up-to-date information anywhere, anytime. Smart search algorithms in our document management system make searching faster and easier than ever, helping employees do their jobs better. 

This smart DMS also prevents errors due to missing, incorrect or outdated information. Making fewer mistakes means higher quality, which saves you costs and time because no recovery work is required. 

In addition, Zenya DOC helps organisations to comply with the GDPR legislation and many other standards and guidelines. It is also a perfect tool to get a grip on process management.

Interactive documents in a smart DMS are the new standard for document management.”

Guarantee quality without compromising on user-friendliness

Zenya DOC helps your organisation structure information and present it in a user-friendly way. It accommodates documents with full quality assurance – but also more fluid information in documents that you can easily keep up to date together.

A good document management system offers relevant information at the right time. It should make no difference where or when the information is consulted; it should work anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is made even easier with the Zenya Search app: all the right, relevant information always at hand.

Interactieve Documenten binnen Zenya DOC documentmanagement software

Personal preferences for notifications and interesting information can be set, so that the professional only sees the documents relevant to him or her. It is also perfectly possible to integrate the DMS with existing systems such as an intranet so that the professional can find everything in one place to do his or her work optimally.

Create interactive documents in this document management system: using smart questions, only the information that the professional is looking for at that moment is displayed.

Did you know that professionals prefer to see only the information they need at that moment?

Link information to objects

Some information is specific to an object, such as work instructions, manuals or contracts. With the card index functionality in Zenya you can easily link documents and other information within the DMS to an object.

Frequently asked questions

The answers to your questions

What is the purpose of a document management system (DMS)?

Employees should be able to find the correct and most recent documentation in no more than two clicks, so that they can perform their tasks quickly and correctly. 

A DMS must therefore be able to quickly provide the employee with the correct and up-to-date information. Especially given the high degree of fragmentation, the high information density and the short shelf life of information in knowledge-intensive organisations. 

Without a smart document management system, searching for a specific document is an intensive, time-consuming and error-prone task. In a DMS, you can store and manage not only documents, but also content such as training materials, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc

It is precisely by storing all the different types of files in a document management system that it is possible to maintain an overview and track version control.

What is DMS and what can I do with it?

DMS is the abbreviation for a document management system, also known as automated document management. As a result, documents are always available to the right people, wherever they are.
In addition, a DMS safeguards all workflows regarding version management and authorisations.

What is document management?

Document management supports your organisation in managing documentation. All your documents are stored in a document management system (DMS). This way, everyone in the organisation always has access to the right information and, by attaching administrator rights to each document and working with version control, you can continuously guarantee quality

In addition, document management software allows everyone to find the right information quickly.

What is a document management system?

A document management system, also known as DMS or document management software, ensures that employees have access to the correct, up-to-date and approved documents (e.g. protocols, procedures, work instructions and process descriptions), anytime and anywhere. 

The documentation can be saved in different types of files, such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, CAD or even in video. 

A document management system is actually a tool that helps an organisation to  easily and efficiently manage all processes related to documents.

Modern document management also means searching for relevant information quickly and intuitively. An example is the use of interactive documents: by answering a number of smart questions, you get only the information you need, all the ‘noise’ is not shown. 

That information can contain other material besides text, in one document. These kinds of documents can also be stored in a document management system.

What is a document?

A document is a collection of data, also called ‘information source’. 

  • Documents can exist in both paper and digital form. Examples of documents are procedures, instructions, protocols, reports, logbooks, etc
  • Documents can be easily digitised and managed in a document management system (DMS). This provides more structure and therefore more overview and insight.

What are the benefits of a document management system?

Thanks to a document management system, employees always have up-to-date information available in a central location. Nobody works with outdated versions anymore, because the change process is continuously secured thanks to an effective workflow. This provides structured document management and allows users to easily find, share and modify documents

Editing is also possible in teams, so that employees can work together in the same document at the same time. It goes without saying that version control ensures that old versions and modifications are never lost. 

In addition, smart search algorithms and a mobile app help to avoid wasting time by enabling employees to find the right information more quickly

Furthermore, errors due to untimely, missing or incorrect information are excluded. And fewer errors means better quality and lower recovery costs.

The advantages of a document management system (DMS) at a glance:

  • You are always in possession of up-to-date documentation;
  • You eliminate wasted time by using a smart search function;
  • Managing a workflow has never been so easy. Secure the process in which the author makes sure the document is reviewed and approved and asks for a reading confirmation;
  • The risk of errors decreases as everyone works with the latest versions of documents;
  • You always know who is aware of changes in documents or processes by working with read receipts;
  • It automatically keeps track of what changes have been made to a document, when and by whom;
  • Administrator rights allow you to ensure the quality of documentation.

Using a DMS not only saves you and the professionals time, it also allows you to get the most out of your organisation.

How does document management contribute to efficient working?

Thanks to document management, employees make fewer mistakes because they have access to the updated information they need for their daily work. This includes work instructions, manuals, videos, contracts, PowerPoint presentations, Excel files or any other content that you place in a document management system. 

A mobile app allows them to access business documents stored in the DMS from any location, even on the road.

In addition, the process (and thus the quality) of creating and reviewing new documents is safeguarded by intelligent workflows. These workflows within a DMS help monitor the progress of the process by means of automatic update alerts and the assignment of tasks to colleagues. Employees who are involved in keeping a vital information infrastructure in place will know which contribution is expected from them at which moment. They can then easily record this contribution in the document management system.

How can a DMS support process management?

Good document management software has more to offer than just making it possible to look up information quickly. Document management and the creation and evaluation of new or renewed processes are also becoming easier than ever

In a DMS, for example, it is easy to secure ownership, delegate tasks to colleagues, link documents to process elements and let intelligent workflows work for you. They help you monitor the progress and status of processes, using automatic alerts and notifications. 

This gives you a grip on process management and prevents mistakes. This way you are agile, for customers, colleagues and suppliers, which gives you an edge.

What is version management?

Version management within a DMS is keeping track of changes in a file (over a longer period) so that you can retrieve a specific version at a later time. Version control is done with a smart version control system. 

With version control, for example, you can view the changes between two versions and see who made the last change. This makes it easy to trace adjustments or errors.

Another advantage is that you can easily undo an action if you make a mistake or lose a file. Version management is therefore an indispensable part of a DMS.

What is file management?

With the digitisation of documents organisations can keep insight and overview in a mishmash of information at all times. Document management is part of this. Think, for example, of protocols, procedures, work instructions, process descriptions, etc. 

In knowledge-intensive organisations, all these documents and their versions can eventually lead to fragmentation and contamination. Document management ensures that unnecessary searches are a thing of the past and errors can be avoided.

A document management system (DMS) supports organisations in the tasks involved in document management.

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Icoon App - Zenya Kwaliteits- en Risicomanagement Software

Zenya Search app

Icoon Veiligheid - Zenya Kwaliteits- en Risicomanagement Software

SaaS: safe and reliable

Informatie opzoeken en incidenten melden met de Zenya apps. Beschikbaar op elk device.

Access to up-to-date documents anytime, anywhere

With the Zenya Search app, everyone has the latest versions of documents and processes at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

High efficiency through extensive search functionality

Unnecessary searches belong to the past thanks to the search functionality, receive a notification when a document has changed and use interactive documents to instantly find relevant information in a long document.
Alles op orde met SaaS - Van updates tot onderhoud

Zenya DOC via SaaS

Zenya is a SaaS (or Software as a Service) solution. This means that you do not have to worry about the (technical) management and security of the application, we take care of that for you. From updates to maintenance, we guarantee that you get the best quality management system available.

We strive for the highest quality

To keep us on our toes and make our quality demonstrable, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Moreover, our operational quality, processes and control measures are verified annually by DNV GL.

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