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Capture important workflows easily

Zenya FLOW is also ideal for workflow management within organisations. It offers flexible possibilities to set up your own forms and workflows that suit your organisation and processes.
Een workflow binnen Zenya FLOW incidentmanagement software


Easily record incidents, complaints, accidents or other anomalies anytime, anywhere, in
one integrated system.


Handle reports quickly and efficiently on the basis of a workflow. Notifications and complete
file management secure the process.

Analyse & learn

Perform root cause analysis with powerful tools, set out actions for improvement and keep an overview with real-time dashboards.


Quickly and flexibly set up a variety of workflows to support your organisation’s regular, recurring tasks.

Incident management with Zenya FLOW

We have over 20 years of experience with incident management in various industries. We can share best practices with you so you can start learning from incidents straight away. Make the move towards full incident management and clear the way for improvements.

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Easy incident reporting and follow-up

Preventing incidents contributes to safety and quality. In practice, however, it is not possible to prevent all incidents. Making mistakes is human and unforeseen circumstances may cause things to go wrong in any process.

How you react to these incidents, however, determines the success of your organisation.

It starts with reporting incidents, which should be easy, quick and intuitive. Both internally and externally. Using a reporting app results in more incident reports, which is a good thing. The reports give your organisation the opportunity to respond to the complaint, anomaly or incident.

In this way, every report becomes an opportunity to take measures towards improvement.

Every report is the starting point for organisations to learn and improve.”

Improvement management provides more overview and insight

Zenya FLOW provides continuous insight into the following aspects of reports:

  • The nature;
  • The scope;
  • The status of ownership. The nature and scope, as well as the status and ownership, of various reports.

This creates opportunities for targeted improvements with actions at individual and team level. The dashboard gives you a real-time overview of all reports and the progress of improvement measures.

Consolidate improvements with powerful causal incident analyses

Powerful incident analysis options, such as Bow-Tie, Root Cause Analysis and TRIPOD, offer organisations the possibility to structurally learn and improve. Zenya FLOW provides a complete set of tools for analysing any incident or selection of incidents.

Groepen in een dashboard binnen Zenya Kwaliteitsmanagement Software

Powerful causal analysis contributes to structural improvement.”

Een workflow in Zenya FLOW Incidentmanagement Software

Flexible workflows for various applications

Within many organisations, there is a growing need to digitise (existing) workflows. This saves time but also helps to comply with specific laws and regulations.

Zenya FLOW offers not only powerful incident management software but also a flexible system for workflow management. Organisations can use this to set up their own workflows. Knowledge of programming is not required: the software is easy to use.

Consider, for example, workflows for recruiting and onboarding new employees. By setting this up in Zenya FLOW, the process at AAE went from months or weeks to days or even hours.

But also product requests or handling of complaints, requests, orders or invoices can easily be accommodated in a personalised workflow.

Easily link notifications to objects

To make creating and following up notifications even easier, you can use a fixed set of objects. These objects, such as locations and devices, are easily defined in the Zenya folder database and can then easily be linked to notifications.

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Icoon App - Zenya Kwaliteits- en Risicomanagement Software

Zenya Capture app

Icoon Veiligheid - Zenya Kwaliteits- en Risicomanagement Software

SaaS: safe and reliable

Informatie opzoeken en incidenten melden met de Zenya apps. Beschikbaar op elk device.

Safe and simple reporting of incidents and near misses

Increase the willingness to report in your organisation with a user-friendly app. Employees will be able to easier report incidents, unsafe situations, deviations or suggestions. With the Zenya Capture app, they can do this easily and quickly, wherever they are and whenever they want.
No internet connection for a while? No problem. Notifications are automatically delivered as soon as you are back online.
Alles op orde met SaaS - Van updates tot onderhoud

Zenya FLOW via SaaS

Zenya is a SaaS (or Software as a Service) solution. This means that you do not have to worry about the (technical) management and security of your application, we take care of that for you. From updates to maintenance, we guarantee that you get the best quality management system available.

We strive for the highest quality

To keep us on our toes and make our quality demonstrable, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Moreover, our operational quality, processes and control measures are verified annually by DNV GL.

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