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Zenya FLOW - Incidentmanagementsoftware


Record incidents, complaints, accidents or other deviations easily in one integrated system anytime, anywhere.


Process notifications quickly and efficiently based on a workflow. Notifications and full file creation secures the process.

Analyse & learn

Perform root cause analysis with powerful tools, set actions for improvement and keep an overview with real-time dashboards.


Easily and flexibly set up different workflows that support your organisation in fixed, recurring tasks.

Easy incident reporting and follow-up

Preventing incidents contributes to safety and quality, but preventing them completely is impossible. Making mistakes is human and in any process, something unforeseen can go differently than intended. How you deal with this affects the success of your organisation. It starts with reporting incidents. This can be done very easily, quickly and intuitively in Zenya FLOW – both internally and externally.

With Zenya FLOW, (near) incidents, complaints, damages, non-conformities, or other deviations are easily recorded in one integrated system. Reports are handled quickly and efficiently based on a workflow while notifications and file creation secure the process. The software also offers powerful tools, such as Bow-Tie, PRISMA, TRIPOD or Root Cause Analyses, to perform root cause analyses, set out improvement actions and keep an overview.

Why Zenya FLOW?

  • Easy and user-friendly reporting of (near) incidents and suggestions with the Capture App;
  • Not only colleagues can make reports, but also external visitors and sister organisations can do so. This contributes to effectiveness, quality and safety;
  • Set up your own forms and workflows to support your processes – even without programming knowledge;
  • Real-time insight and powerful tools for root cause analysis and improvement actions. Use Bow-Tie, PRISMA, TRIPOD or the Root Cause Analyses;
  • A link to your organisation’s source system (ERP, EPD, ECD, FMS, etc.) makes the reporting process even more powerful.

The starting point for learning and improvement

With Zenya FLOW, you set up forms and workflows precisely to best suit your organisation and processes. Intelligent, real-time dashboards provide insight into the nature and scope of various reports and the progress of improvement measures. This puts you in control as an organisation and with every report you limit or prevent future problems.

Zenya FLOW is also ideally suited for workflow management within your organisation. You have flexible options – without programming knowledge – to set up your own forms and workflows to suit your organisation and processes. This saves time and helps you comply with laws and regulations.

Increasing willingness to report with an app

The greater the willingness to report (near) incidents, unsafe situations, deviations or suggestions within your organisation, the better. That’s why Zenya FLOW lets you use the Capture App for reports. Reporting via this app is low-threshold and ensures more incident reports. This way, you can not only respond to complaints, deviations and incidents in a targeted way, but each report also becomes an opportunity for improvement.

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What makes Zenya FLOW unique?

  • With Zenya FLOW, (near) incidents, complaints, incidents, accidents or other deviations are easily recorded in one integrated system and handled based on fixed workflows.
  • Employees can easily report incidents anytime and anywhere. This increases your organisation's willingness to report.
  • Handlers and stakeholders gain insight into incidents thanks to clear reports and clear dashboards.

Immediately see what Zenya FLOW can do for your organisation?

With more than 20 years of experience in incident management in various industries, we can share best practices with you. We make sure you can get started right away. Do you also want to learn from incidents? Then choose Zenya FLOW. Take the step towards improvement and request a personal demo now, without obligation and free of charge.

Incident beheer meldingen inrichten - Zenya FLOW

What tools do you have at your disposal with Zenya FLOW?

With Zenya FLOW, you get a grip on quality and safety. You have a complete toolbox
for complete and integral incident management. What can you expect from Zenya FLOW?

Interactive dashboards

The central dashboard means you always know the status of your notifications.

Automated processes

Process notifications quickly and efficiently on a workflow basis.

Action management

Professionals are assigned tasks, which automatically gets them involved. It is immediately clear what is expected of them and what the next step in the process is.

Numerous filter oppotunities

Get clear input for team meetings, for example. Create personalised overviews and filters.

Simple interface

Quickly and easily record what went (almost) wrong or could be better.

Incident analysis

Get insight into structural improvement opportunities by applying cause analysis such as PRISMA, TRIPOD or the Root Cause Analysis.


Configure forms and workflows precisely to best suit your organisation and processes.

Tasks & responsibilities

Zenya FLOW’s workflows create transparency and ownership. Professionals are assigned tasks, which automatically gets them involved. It is immediately clear what is expected of them and what the next step in the process is.

Flexible workflows

The power of Zenya FLOW is that, even without programming knowledge, you can build any workflow you want yourself to perfectly support your processes.


Notifications and full file creation secure the process in Zenya FLOW.

Interaction with external partners

Not only colleagues can create notifications, but also external visitors and sister organisations. It is also possible to assign external users such as contractors or suppliers actions via a workflow action. This way, all info is kept in one central file.

Fully responsive

You can count on the same smart and personalised support from Zenya anytime, anywhere.

Also available via the app

Through the Zenya Capture App, colleagues can safely and easily report (near) incidents. The app is user-friendly and has a low-threshold. So no report is forgotten to be passed on!

Five unique solutions

One powerful software suite for quality and risk management

Efficiently manage and distrubute documents from a central location.

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Easily set up incident management and workflows.

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Discover improvement potential thanks to audits, checks and questionnaires.

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To be in operational control and turn strategic risks into opportunity.

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Strengthen quality and risk management and involve employees.

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Why do others use Zenya FLOW?

  • Zenya FLOW was developed in close cooperation with customers and users. The module uses proven technology and has been extensively tested among its target audience.
  • Our software is continuously improved and further developed, with user feedback at its core.

Reporting has become so easy now: employees quickly grab the tablet, take a picture and send the report on. It really is child’s play.”

Harold Krikke
Quality coordinator by Triferto

“Step by step, we achieve our goals: to efficiently improve processes that affect the quality of care.”

Silvia van Gils
Senior advisor/auditor by Radboudumc
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SaaS - Safe and reliable

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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Zenya software suite via SaaS

Zenya is a SaaS solution. In other words: Software as a Service. This means you don't have to worry about the (technical) management and security of the application, we take care of this for you.
From updates to maintenance, we guarantee that you get the best quality management system always available.
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We go for top quality

To keep us sharp and demonstrate our quality, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.
Moreover, we have our operational quality, processes and control measures verified annually by DNV GL.

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