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Zenya RISK - All risks overzicht op een laptop


Easily identify the risks within your organization.


Evaluate the risks and determine their potential impact and extent.


Take preventive and damage limitation controls where necessary and desired.


Monitor the risks and controls and make timely adjustments where necessary.

Risk management is a joint effort

Zenya RISK is a highly scalable and accessible solution that helps you create a reliable and focused organization no matter the level of risk maturity. With Zenya RISK you are in control and make sure your organization is and stays future-proof. Not only do those responsible for quality, safety, prevention, compliance and security get powerful risk management tools with Zenya RISK. The accessibility of the software makes it easy to involve all employees and increase risk awareness throughout the organization.

With our advanced and complete software, we help you identify, evaluate, manage and monitor operational and strategic risks and their controls in the most effective manner. Zenya RISK offers a multitude of functionalities and is easily accessible and intuitive. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Why Zenya RISK?

  • Broadly applicable solution for integral strategic and operational risk management;
  • For any industry and for organizations of any size;
  • Easily involve all employees to create higher risk awareness;
  • Quick to implement;
  • Scalable, easy-to-manage solution that grows as the organization grows;
  • Extremely powerful alone and even stronger together: connects seamlessly with Zenya DOC and Zenya FLOW;
  • Proactive guidance and notifications including risk scores, effectiveness of controls and outstanding issues.

Identify, evaluate, control and monitor

Zenya RISK is designed to help you proactively identify, evaluate, manage and monitor operational and strategic risks. Identifying risks is only one part of the process, but it is equally important to regularly check whether you are still managing the right risks in the right way. Because new risks arise and existing risks with little impact may one day become critical or vice versa. By assessing this on a regular basis, you ensure that your organization is and remains future-proof.

Managing strategic and operational risk support

Mapping strategic risks creates awareness, dialogue, alignment of the organization and support for strategic decision-making. By involving all employees, you increase risk awareness. You also give users context to the risks and make bandwidths (risk appetite), risk tolerances and vision and policy clear, linked to organizational goals.

With operational risks, the emphasis is on completeness and demonstrability: as an organization you have to deal with large numbers of risks, assets and controls that you want to be able to manage easily.

Zenya RISK allows you to efficiently and smartly link risks and controls and change properties (in bulk). Powerful and clear dashboards give you quick insight into the status of risks, the effectiveness of controls and the related issues and actions.

Available documentation

What makes Zenya RISK unique?

  • Zenya RISK distinguishes itself as accessible, user-friendly and pragmatic software. Anyone can work with it.
  • The module enables real-time insight into the status of all risks and controls and ensures that they are always current and top of mind. It brings risk management to life.
  • It is the place where all common risks and controls are recorded, managed and shared. It is a single point of truth.

Want to get started with Zenya RISK?

Essentially anyone can work with Zenya RISK. If you are looking to get started right away, it is beneficial to be clear on who within your organization is responsible for risk.

Not everything has to be described in detail; you can start with the most important (top 10) risks within your organization. And of course if you want to know more, or need help implementing or using Zenya RISK, the Infoland team is always ready to help.

Is Zenya RISK what your organization needs to take risk management to the next level?

Zenya RISK - Risico overzicht op desktop

What tools do you have at your disposal with Zenya RISK?

Working with Zenya RISK provides you with a comprehensive toolbox for a complete and integrated risk policy.
What can you expect from Zenya RISK?


Zenya RISK brings all risks and controls together in an orderly fashion. This prevents discussions and ensures that your organization is in control.


The dashboards and reporting capabilities in Zenya RISK are quickly accessible, clear, comprehensive and allow you to zoom in and out.


Zenya RISK supports your operations with proactive alerts. The system keeps you on your toes so you don’t miss evaluation deadlines.


Zenya RISK allows you to easily apply a multitude of filter options to quickly find the information you need. Filter options include organizational unit, risk category, strategy, risk score, owner, control function, control status and control execution.


Zenya RISK provides users with guidance and context from standards, documents, processes, incidents and deviations.


Ease of use is central to Zenya RISK, thanks to a calm and logical interface with fixed menu items in fixed locations.


Zenya RISK makes it easy to graphically visualize risk assessments with BowTie models.


Zenya RISK provides user-friendly and efficient capabilities for managing large numbers of risks, controls and task schedules. Consider bulk editing, import and export capabilities and avoidance of duplicate entries.


The audit trail within Zenya RISK is complete and easily accessible and, for risk assessments, offers the ability to start from the previous assessment.


Issues are easily added, linked to controls and tracked in Zenya RISK.


To measure is to know. With Zenya RISK you can test new and existing controls, so you know they actually work. Controls are also easy to review.


Zenya RISK uses logical, recognizable and consistent terminology that fits your scope.

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One high-performance software suite for quality and risk management

Efficiently manage and distribute documents from a central location.

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Easily set up incident management and workflows

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Discovering improvement potential thanks to audits, checks and questionnaires.

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To be in operational control and turn strategic risks into opportunity.

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Strengthen quality and risk management and involve employees.

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Why are others using Zenya RISK?

  • Zenya RISK has been in use for several decades by a multitude of critical organizations, encompassing hospitals, healthcare facilities, public utilities and industrial companies, seeking to be in control and maintain oversight in a world that is changing rapidly.
  • Our software is continuously improved and evolved, with user feedback at its core.

“90% of our employees indicate an improvement in comparison to the previous tool.” 

Joyce Boers
Former Manager of Commercial Risk Management at Essent
Kwaliteitsmanagement Software Zenya bij Essent

“With the help of Zenya RISK, we are more aware of potential causes of, for example, a data breach.” 

Irene van Silfhout
Head of Quality Department at hospital Tjongerschans
Irene Brummelhuis - Ziekenhuis Tjongerschans

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SaaS - Safe and secure

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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Zenya software suite via SaaS

Zenya is a SaaS solution. In other words, Software as a Service. This means that you do not have to worry about the (technical) management and security of the application.
Everything from updates to maintenance, we ensure that you'll receive the best quality management system available at all times.
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We are committed to excellence

To make sure we are on top of our game and to demonstrate our quality, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.
In addition, we have our operational quality, processes and control measures verified annually by DNV GL.

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