nlenbe-nldkseThe best software for quality and risk management.

It also makes monitoring and controlling all risks easier. Dashboards provide a clear insight into the causes and effects of risks, allowing you to take the right measures quickly and easily.

Once you have reached the desired level, Zenya RISK will help you to maintain it. This is how you take risk management maturity within your organisation to a whole new level.

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Clearly map out all organisation-wide risks.


Perform a risk analysis and determine the impact and scope.


Take preventative and responsive control measures.


Monitor the risks and control measures and adjust where necessary.

Risk management with Zenya RISK

We have over 20 years of experience with risk management in various industries. We can share best practices with you and help you to get you started right away. Start being in control of your risks today with a powerful risk management tool.


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GRC: easy compliance thanks to clear risk analysis software

As an organisation, you must of course comply with various laws and regulations. An overview and understanding of the challenges of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) are essential. Zenya RISK provides options for risk analysis, and the deployment and monitoring of control measures that put you in control.

The risk management tool connects the entire risk and control framework, so you always have a clear picture. This way, you know where you stand as an organisation and where improvement is desirable or even necessary.

Getting a grip on risks enables you to excel. Risks become opportunities that can help you achieve goals.”

Raise risk awareness with risk dialogues conducted together

Identifying risks is one thing, but it is just as important to regularly check whether you are still managing the right risks.

The world is changing rapidly. New risks can always arise and risks that have little impact today can become critical, but also vice versa. Regular evaluation sessions ensure that you are and remain in control.

By conducting these sessions in groups with the support of risk management tool, it remains manageable for everyone and you can make joint decisions. In this way, a risk assessment becomes a real risk dialogue, which not only improves the outcome but also the risk awareness.

Zenya risicoevaluatie sessie

Managing risks as part of everyone’s daily work, interwoven throughout the organisation. That is integrated risk management.”

Integrated risk management (IRM) as a driver of success

With risk management, your organisation is in control of today’s risks. But staying in control, also in the future, requires an extra step. It is important to anticipate change and to integrate risk into everyday decisions.

Risks must therefore be given proper attention at all levels, both strategic and operational, and become part of everyone’s work. We call this ‘integrated risk management’ (IRM), with the ultimate goal of controlling and managing risks, without the feeling of ticking boxes and administrative burden.

Risk management software must support everyone, in every situation. So no matter how mature your organisation, just starting out in risk management or if you already proactively manage risks, Zenya RISK is for everyone.

With all common risk categories and support for diverse target groups, from risk managers to auditors and from professionals on the shop floor to top management and external stakeholders.

In order to manage risks comprehensively, you can expand the ‘Zenya RISK’ risk management software with other modules of the ‘Zenya Software Suite’. This creates a powerful and central system that puts you in complete control and brings you a lot closer to achieving your goals.

Why integrated risk management software will work for you too

  • Valuable for everyoneSupport both the people who work with risk management on a daily basis (2nd and 3rd line) and the employees on the shop floor (1st line) to really manage risks.
  • Supports all relevant activities and tasksCarry out risk analyses, control tests and periodic checks and audits. Register incidents, follow them up and analyse them with the right tools.
  • Helping organisations to growStart from your goals, regardless of the risk maturity of the organisation. Zenya helps to create a reliable and transparent organisation.
  • User-friendly and intuitiveAfter some configuration, Zenya can be used immediately by anyone. It is accessible, easy to use and available everywhere.

Find out how Zenya RISK helps your organisation to turn risks into opportunities

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Icoon Veiligheid - Zenya Kwaliteits- en Risicomanagement Software

SaaS: safe and reliable

Alles op orde met SaaS - Van updates tot onderhoud

Zenya RISK via SaaS

Zenya is a SaaS (or Software as a Service) solution. This means that you do not have to worry about the (technical) management and security of the application, we take care of that for you. From updates to maintenance, we guarantee that you get the best quality management system available.

We strive for the highest quality

To keep us on our toes and make our quality demonstrable, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Moreover, our operational quality, processes and control measures are verified annually by DNV GL.

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