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A user-friendly, intuitive solution that anyone can work with. Our ISMS software works as a single source of truth. You always have up-to-date information.

Real-time dashboards give you insight into the status of risks and measures. Proactively identify potential risks and weaknesses in your information security.

Zenya facilitates clear ownership of assets, risks and measures. You get an overview of relevant standards frameworks and evidence. This is how you comply with laws and regulations.

ISMS secured in one central location

For information security to be effectively secured in your organisation, it needs to be widely supported. With the ISMS solution in Zenya, you create awareness around information security behaviour in all layers of the organisation. This gives you more time and space to make strategic decisions and protect your organisation from potential threats. As automation reduces manual tasks around information security, you can focus on what really matters.

With the ISMS solution in Zenya, you get a complete solution in one central location, acting as a single source of truth. Your colleagues can easily report data breaches, find information and easily understand the status of outstanding actions. To raise awareness and maintain information security behaviour, as part of this solution we also offer an awareness campaign that you can roll out widely in your organisation.

NIS2 Readiness for UK Subsidiaries

Although NIS2 is an EU directive, UK-based organizations with subsidiaries in the EU can benefit from our solution. Ensure your subsidiaries comply with NIS2 requirements seamlessly, avoiding any regulatory gaps and ensuring comprehensive security across borders.

Getting started quickly

Our solution supports all facets of an ISMS and is quick to deploy. Based on our expertise and experience, we have combined the various ISMS elements as standard in this solution. Under the guidance of your Infoland consultant, we coordinate the requirements with you, after which you can immediately start working on the content and securing information security in your organisation.

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What makes this solution unique?

  • Get off to a flying start with ISO27001, through a complete import and the right support
  • Deploy actions and improvement measures immediately via other Zenya modules, ensuring maximum control over ongoing ISO27001/ISMS improvement measures
  • More time to focus on your core business matters

Our ISMS solution enables your organisation to:


  • Quickly secure your information security policy.
  • Register and assess processing with a standard PIA.
  • Initiate audits, risks and checks.
  • Map risks and measures using a standard set of the ISO27001

Also getting started with this solution?

Do you want to take incident management in your healthcare organisation to the next level? Then request a free demo right away here. We will be happy to talk to you to further explain our incident management solution.

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How do we do it exactly?

Below you can read briefly how we work if you choose our incident management solution.


Our consultant will contact you to schedule the kickstart. During this, the complete solution is discussed with you and your wishes for the configuration are inventoried. This gives you a detailed picture and gives the consultant the right information to fine-tune the solution for your organisation.

Instruction of key users

The solution is easy to use, but we are happy to lend a helping hand. Short and accessible instructions will get your key users up and running in no time.

Solution delivery

Based on the information from the kickstart, the consultant configures the solution. With our expertise, the various elements are ready for use in no time. So you quickly have your complete solution.

Online help

Do you still have questions after deploying the solution? Then please contact your functional manager. Thanks to our expertise, we will quickly answer your questions and implement changes in the solution. This allows you to keep your full focus on the content!

  • It's free and you are not tied to anything
  • At your premises, or online
  • Discover the numerous possibilities

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