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Let this technical solution work for you

Simplify user management and avoid frequent repetition of work

Offer users continuous seamless access to Zenya with Single Sign-On and avoid annoyances

Shift security from users to the organisation’s security infrastructure

Centralised user management

Organisations with a large number of users will soon use central user management, also known as Identity and Access Management (IAM). Central user management is often used to automatically log users onto the system and for applications that are important to the organisation.

You can link Zenya with these IAM systems, such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly: Azure AD). Such links allow you to automatically synchronise users periodically from the IAM with Zenya (also known as User Provisioning) to automatically add new employees to Zenya and automatically deactivate employees when they no longer work at the organisation.

Automatic access with Single Sign-On

Central user management ensures that users can work optimally with Zenya in an efficient manner. By connecting the application to the Single Sign-On solution your organisation uses, you also simplify access to Zenya. This eliminates the need for users to repeatedly log in to use Zenya. After logging into the virtual workplace environment, they can also start working with Zenya.

For Single Sign-On, we use most recent SCIM and SAML 2.0 standards. If your organisation already has a Single Sign-On solution in place, the obvious choice is to connect Zenya to it.

A quick and suitable solution

Whether you work with Zenya SaaS or use our on-premises version, both authentication and User Provisioning can be implemented in multiple ways. Based on an intake and assessment, we offer you the desired support with this technical solution to quickly find a suitable solution. If your organisation’s ICT is outsourced, we can also contact your service provider directly.

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What makes this solution unique?

  • Central user management simplifies administration and gives new users instant access to Zenya with the appropriate rights
  • Deactivating employees who leave employment is done automatically
  • When an employee leaves employment, the Zenya licence automatically becomes available; this is how to efficiently manage available licences
  • With Single Sign-On, users need not worry about remembering different login credentials and passwords
  • Single Sign-On lowers the barrier to using Zenya
  • The standards we use are closely followed and have been extensively tested for safety

Is this technical solution something for your organisation?

The technical solution User Support and Authentication for Zenya is designed for organisations working with central user management and wanting to offer users Single Sign-On. Central user management is of particular interest to organisations of around 50 Zenya users or more.

Are you interested in this solution? Contact us and brainstorm with Geert or one of his colleagues.

Geert Mettrop - Business Consultant - Zenya by Infoland

What is included in this Zenya solution?

When choosing this solution, it is good to know what is included.
Here’s what you can expect from this technical solution:

Standard working method

This technical solution starts with an intake and assessment in order to provide a suitable solution for central user management and Single Sign-On.

Fast delivery

After our support work starts, the Single Sign-On solution and central user management are usually up and running within a maximum of half a working day.

Link with existing Single Sign-On solution

Zenya interfaces with the Single Sign-On solution already used by your organisation. Commonly used solutions for this include ADFS, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly: Azure AD), HelloID, VMWare Identity Manager and Okta.

Fast and good results

Our approach to this support is based on good practices. A good result is therefore never far away.

Want to know more about this solution?

Are you interested in Zenya solutions and want to know more about one or more of them? If so, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.