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Zenya Beeldmerk Transparant

Humo for GPs puts all healthcare colleagues on the same page with Zenya

Together with 61 GP practices, Humo for GPs (formerly known as ‘Care Group Synchroon’) aims to provide the best possible care to patients with a (chronic) illness. To achieve this, […]

Radboudumc improves healthcare with Good Practices

During spring 2022, Radboudumc launched the Good Practices project. A major way to benefit from good experiences from one's own organization. This benefits the quality of healthcare, processes and employee […]

Aqualectra on Curaçao swaps Excel for Zenya

Aqualectra is the Curaçao government utility company that produces and distributes water and electricity to more than 80,000 households and businesses. Its 615 dedicated employees work every day to ensure […]

az Vesalius clinical laboratory gains efficiency with Zenya

In a clinical laboratory, many tests are performed. It goes without saying that quality management is crucial here – as it is in the clinical laboratory of az Vesalius in […]

Qualicor Europe audit at Ikazia a succes partly due to Zenya

In June 2021, Qualicor Europe conducted an audit at Ikazia Hospital Rotterdam. Ikazia passed the audit with flying colours and Qualicor gave a nice compliment for the way they use […]

SPIE Belgium makes it easier for employees with Zenya

From the design of Smart Cities to the maintenance of energy-efficient buildings: SPIE Belgium is European leader in multi-technical services in the area of energy and communication. Jeroen Vercauteren, QSE […]

Zenya brings cohesion to pathology lab LabPON

Laboratories are heavily regulated environments. A small mistake can have major consequences, so working with protocols is no stranger to staff. But how do you make sure the information is […]

Kela optimises business processes with Zenya modules

For 80 years, the Belgian family business Kela has specialised in producing and distributing human and veterinary medicines. Today the company has branches in several countries, employs some 330 people, […]

Zenya helps Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier act swiftly

Nowhere are safety and quality more important than in the healthcare sector. In addition, the COVID pandemic showed how essential flexibility is. Johan Engels, ICT manager at Heilig Hart Hospital […]

Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. learns from incidents with Zenya

Registered pilots are indispensable in the port. They ensure that seagoing vessels with crew and cargo arrive at or leave the port safely. A responsible job because a small mistake […]
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