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Agapè Group increases quality of care with Zenya

Agapè group is the umbrella name for three care sites in Belgium: WZC Veilige Have (Aalter), WZC Zilverbos (Zelzate) and GAW De Lieve (Gent).

To make their document management more efficient and user-friendly, the group was looking for a new system. Via the team of RS health, a partner of Infoland, they ended up at Zenya and the project was started at WZC Veilige Have.

Meanwhile, they use the software across all sites and also for other applications. Hanne Van de Steene (Staff Member for Document Management) and Barbara Mouton (Staff Member and Quality Coordinator) talks about the cooperation between Agapè, Infoland and RS health during this successful project.






200 – 500

Launching challenges:

  • Inefficient document management system that was barely used
  • Time wasted by manually following up on actions and audits
  • Important documents and processes were not in a central location

Results after implementation:

  • One integrated system that employees can access all the time
  • More efficiency in preparing and following up working groups
  • Time savings through automated workflows, e.g. for onboarding

Old, non-user-friendly document management

“We used to store all our documents on a server, divided into folders,” Barbara explains. “One of our colleagues was quality coordinator and managed those different folders. We had created a kind of ABC for employees to find files in that folder structure, but it didn’t work smoothly. We also noticed that the system was hardly used.”

Documents were not only hard to find, different (outdated) versions of documents were rotating on the server, and important files were often stuck locally with one person. Agapè’s team felt it could do better and enlisted the help of RS health.

Currently, the residential care home uses Zenya FLOW and Zenya CHECK in addition to Zenya DOC.

The system we worked with before was not sufficient for our employees. They couldn’t find important things anywhere centrally.”

Barbara Mouton
Staff member and quality coordinator at Agapè

We are fans of Zenya because it really offers an integrated story. When organisations are looking for a software system to support them in terms of quality, we always look at whether Zenya could be a possibility here.”

Pauline Bossuyt
Consultant at RS health

Introducing Zenya via RS health

RS health is a partner that Infoland works with. They offer healthcare organisations advice, guidance and support on quality, strategy and change. They often find that organisations are looking for an integrated system to support their quality story. Via RS health, Barbara and Hanne got to know the software.

Initially, Zenya DOC was of particular interest to the residential care centre, but thanks to RS Health’s guidance, they also discovered Zenya’s other modules and possibilities. Barbara: “I think that at the start-up itself, we didn’t know what Zenya had to offer yet. For example, we also wanted to find a system to do internal audits anyway. We took training on this at RS health and found out that Zenya could also help us with that.”

About RS health

RS health is a young and dynamic team of consultants offering advice, guidance and support to healthcare organisations in accreditation and certification, quality and change processes. RS health is a regular partner of Infoland.

How Zenya DOC brings more security

Zenya DOC is the WZC’s new document management system. It collects all procedures, work instructions, reports, manuals and so on. But that’s not all.

The same goes for rewrites of procedures. Zenya DOC makes it possible to invite people from the work floor as writers, allowing people to really help write the procedures. In addition, by having these rewritten or new procedures reviewed individually by the team coaches or employees involved, we ensure that everyone is informed, that this can be fed back to the team and that the new procedures will be followed.

Voorbeeldflow verbeteracties Agavé - CHECK

Preventing misunderstandings through Zenya FLOW

The first flow set up by the WZC was for technical reports. This is still the biggest flow in the system today. “If there is a technical defect somewhere in the residential care centre, staff can easily report it through Zenya. The reports reach the technical department and they immediately know what needs to be done. This also prevents things from being reported twice,” says Hanne.

That Zenya FLOW can be used for many application domains is also evident at Agapè. For example, a flow was also set up for the start of new employees. “It used to happen that log-ins or badges still had to be created on the first working day of a new colleague. That is now a thing of the past. As soon as a new colleague is hired, tasks are automatically sent out to the departments that need to take action. This way, we can be sure that all the necessary things have been done by the time a new employee starts.”

In addition, the team also created flows for technical report billing, sick reports, whistleblowers, and working group action plans, among other things. In the future, they also want to shape their complaints and incident management in Zenya FLOW.

Zenya CHECK: transparent and efficient

The residential care centre initially came to Zenya CHECK to manage their internal audits. In fact, this was still done through questionnaires on paper, which the team then entered manually in Excel. Now they create the questionnaires in Zenya CHECK.

“Now when we audit, we can put the results side by side and compare them,” Barbara says. “Before, we had to put all the Excel files side by side and start puzzling. Now we don’t have to, thanks to the automatic reports in Zenya! By the way, in Zenya’s reports you can also filter very clearly by department. That saves us all a lot of time.”

The WZC also uses Zenya CHECK in the pathway to achieve their Menso quality label. “The Menso pathway consists of various achievements on which our organisation is assessed. We added all those achievements via frameworks in CHECK. At the start of this process, we let the working groups involved score the achievements in order to see where we are already strong and where we can still improve. In addition, we can now see perfectly what the status per performance is. We can then discuss that status during the steering committee and working groups.”

Three modules, one whole

The most valuable thing about Zenya? Barbara thinks that’s the integrated aspect. Not only do the three modules work very user-friendly individually, but together they also form a clear whole. And that is a big advantage for people on the work floor, too. “Whether you are looking for a working document, want to consult a report, or want to report a technical defect: you just have to go to Zenya. This is also very clear to our employees; they know they can go to Zenya for everything.”

In addition, the link between the modules also provides peace of mind and saves time. Barbara: “I used to have to think about sending out reminders myself, but this is now done automatically. We can even customise this for each person individually, which makes follow-up much easier.”

Hanne adds: “For our quality system and the working groups, Zenya is indeed a huge step forward in terms of follow-up. Previously, actions were stated in the working groups and then lost sight of. Now we have action plans per working group and each action has a person responsible. The idea is that this person reports the status of the action every month. That way we have a much better insight into the working points.”

Whether you want to consult a report or report a technical defect: you just have to go to Zenya. This is also very clear to our staff.”

Barbara Mouton
Staff member and quality coordinator at Agapè

The Infoland community is always on standby!

Hanne and Barbara still have many plans for Zenya, such as expanding the complaint and incident management and using the card file for their device management. They take the time to set up these actions themselves. And is something not clear? Then they look for an answer in the Infoland community.

“We can always count on the community,” says Barbara. “It has even become an automatism. Are we running into something? Then I go and look around the community first. After all, there are many similar organisations that have the same questions as us. New things are posted every day, which is very helpful!”

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