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Argos Care Group: HKZ-proof with Zenya software

Providing highquality care is a top priority for Argos Care Group. Their document management system plays a vital role in this. The system is the central source of information and supports organisation-wide quality management. And that, in turn, is an essential part of complying with the HKZ.

With the HKZ certificate, healthcare organisations, practices and self-employed professionals can prove that they take the quality of care seriously and comply with the requirements set by customers, professionals and relevant stakeholders. With the HKZ certificate, matters are properly organised internally, the customer is central, and care and service continuously improve.

From a self-developed digital protocol book to a fully-fledged quality management system. A transition that the Argos Care Group made in 2008. Not a superfluous luxury because the book of protocols was far from user-friendly for the staff. Managing documents was very complicated. There was no search function, no signal function when a document had to be updated, and there was no version management. In short, it was an inefficient system that also increased the risk of errors because there was no certainty that the employee had the most up-to-date document at hand.  

However, this was not the main reason for switching to a solid document management system. The main reason was the HKZ certification. “As an organisation, we wanted to comply with the HKZ standards,” says Gaby Theuns, policy officer for the Board of Directors. “However, the HKZ sets specific requirements for document management and continuous learning. With the book of protocols we were working with at the time, we would definitely not get certified.” 

CustomerArgos Zorggroep

The wish list for a new system 

When implementing a new system, you have to do it right the first time. So Argos put together a list of requirements. For example, the system must be accessible, logical and understandable for employees, it must have a signalling function, and documents must be easy and quick to find and manage. “Zenya, Infoland’s system, met our requirements best of all providers.” 

It is a fully automated system that supports us in running processes correctly. If a document needs to be revised, the document manager is automatically notified and can request the document’s author to update it. The final review and publication of a document can also be arranged automatically to be available to everyone. It is also nice that we can provide documents with hyperlinks so that there is a clear connection between the various available information on an action or subject.”  

Search, and you shall find 

Zenya DOC works so well as a modern document management system for Argos, that it is the basis for every employee requesting and receiving information. All protocols and procedures are now available in one central place in the organisation. “It is the central source of information. The general rule is: if you don’t know something, look it up in Zenya DOC. The system is fully integrated within our organisation, and it is also the basis for all our standardised working methods and actions. How things should be done is stated in the DMS. This way, employees work much more efficiently, minimising the chance of errors.”  

In addition to the package being very comprehensive, the support from Infoland is also optimal! Thanks to the system, we can continuously improve and keep the quality level high.” 

Gaby Theuns - Argos Zorggroep
Gaby Theuns
Policy officer, Board of Directors Argos Zorggroep

Source of improvement 

“Zenya also facilitates the reporting, registration and analysis of (near) incidents. This provides an excellent source for learning and implementing improvements. In addition, it provides insight into trends at both client and organisational levels. For example, suppose a report shows that on certain days, times or departments, there is a clear increase or decrease in, for example, incidents involving falls or medication; we can now respond quickly and implement improvements. These changes in actions and protocols are then implemented in the central document management system to immediately make it available to everyone. This way, the system supports us in improving and continuously keeping the quality level high.” 

Always exciting 

That quality level is of vital importance to Argos. “The quality management system is an absolute added value. Not only for daily practice but also to meet the HKZ standards every year. Our quality and safety policy has our attention all year round. So many things are well organised. But an HKZ audit is and remains exciting. If you are told that you comply and retain the HKZ certification, it is an absolute reward for our efforts.”  

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The Zenya DOC brochure shows how you can work faster by using a smart document management system.

They know what they are talking about

Argos Care Group has been working with Infoland for over ten years now. Completely to Theuns’ satisfaction. 

“In addition to the fact that Zenya software is very extensive, Infoland’s support is optimal. Our contact persons know us and are technically well versed. They think along with us about how the system can be set up as efficiently as possible. Moreover, we can submit our wishes and requirements to the community so that they can be included in updates. They are definitely recommended for organisations looking for a system that supports the management and broad availability of documents. 

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