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From a reporting document to incident management software

One uniform internal reporting document for First Aid and observations: that was the method used by CRH Structural Concrete Belgium prior to purchasing Zenya FLOW, the incident management solution from Infoland. This working method resulted in a lot of administration, unclear reports and limited actions to resolve future incidents. 

Nowadays Dirk Putzeys, Health Safety Environment Manager, performs analysis and process optimisation, which forms the foundation of strategic decisions surrounding incident management.

KlantCRH Structural Concrete Belgium

The starting signal for getting the best incident management software

Dirk first got to know Infoland during the period when he worked for Avery Dennison. Early on in 2017, the organisation decided to evaluate Infoland and two other candidates as possible suppliers for their incident management project. In September 2017, they selected the accident and incident reporting software created by Infoland, now known as Zenya FLOW

The simplicity of Zenya FLOW was a deciding factor

According to Dirk, it is primarily the simplicity of the solution that formed the deciding factor in his choice: “Users receive improved efficiency and an easily accessible incident reporting tool. The management of the system is so simple that you have the option to start modulating yourself, without any consultancy.” 

“We started with the implementation of the software in September 2017. Our aim was to have twelve branches live by 1 January 2018. We had a core team of two or three people and one consultant. The first two branches went live in December 2017. In January 2018 the plan became a reality: all twelve production sites went live. Registration of incidents, but also processing them, is smooth.”

Users have a high degree of efficiency and a low-threshold system. I have never before seen a project completed so easily within the deadline.”

Dirk Putzeys
QHSE-Manager for CRH Structural Concrete Belgium

Less administration, more action and fewer incidents with accident and incident reporting software

The self-learning effect and an increase in the number of reports are important advantages according to Dirk: “The experience by our users is that the incident management software really is very simple to use. In addition, all the former sticking points have been resolved.”

“The benefit of the system is that the department where the incident took place processes the incident, resulting in a self-learning solution. This results in a direct and immediate positive effect on the local organisation. As more incidents have now been reported, we aim to achieve a significant reduction in accidents and incidents from 2020 onwards,” Dirk explains.

The follow-up of safety & environmental incidents, the reporting and follow-up of technical problems, the work-up of a complaints file and the follow-up of safety interactions on the shop floor are just a few examples of actions that are being taken. Today, 340 users are using this accident and incident reporting software.

Learning from past mistakes

“Our reporting of the registration of incidents, First Aid & accidents is now fully dynamic. We use the report both in production meetings with Plant Managers and in management meetings. All figures are discussed directly from the incident reporting tool, so we no longer need to make PowerPoint presentations. Via the reports, we can delve deeper if we wish, down to the level of the incident itself.” 

All figures are discussed directly based on clear reports. We do not need to make PowerPoint presentations first.”

Dirk Putzeys
QHSE-Manager for CRH Structural Concrete Belgium

Expansion of the software for optimum quality

Veiligheidsbeleid CRH

“Based on Zenya, we are now planning the Safety Leadership Interaction (SLI) project. In this project, management communicates with the shop floor in a 15-minute meeting. A tablet records the conversation and the conclusions, so that no time or valuable details are lost.”

CRH is also starting a new process for document management using Zenya DOC. They want to upload all the documents into the system by June 2018. This will result in improved structure in the layout of documents, making them more accessible and uniform and ensuring that everyone always works with the most recent version. 

“Using the various Zenya modules that are available, we can tailor our solution to the specific needs. Zenya FLOW facilitates incident management and process improvement. Zenya DOC ensures that documentation can be managed and distributed simply.

In 2019, after purchasing iQualify by Infoland, we will be able to supply visitors to our production sites with safety instructions and materials in advance and will be able to question them remotely. Visitors will only be able to register for a visit once they have successfully completed a test regarding safety, quality and the environment.” 

Benefits of Zenya for the entire CRH organisation

According to Dirk, the incident management tool by Infoland will also offer opportunities for the holding. “We have presented Zenya FLOW at the heart of the CRH Ireland holding. I am convinced that the entire group can benefit from this accident and incident reporting software. 

As the cost of the module is feasible, I also see similar opportunities for SMEs. Prevention used to be synonymous with lots of administration and desk work. This system reduces the administrative load and allows us to offer pro-active prevention advice on the shop floor.” 

As Health Safety Environment Manager, Dirk Putzeys manages a team of seven prevention advisors who are responsible for managing the incident management software for the entire group in Belgium. His main objective when he was appointed in 2016: rolling out a uniform strategy with uniform processes.

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