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Greater ease of use at DB Cargo Belgium with Zenya apps

DB Cargo Belgium is responsible for transporting goods by rail on behalf of parent company DB Cargo AG (part of the Deutsche Bahn group). In 2018, when the need to expand activities in Belgium arose, action had to be taken swiftly to obtain the necessary certification.

Ever since 2018, Dries de Craemer has headed DB Cargo Belgium’s QHSE department. To obtain their license at the earliest opportunity and get to work, he started looking for an appropriate solution that went beyond traditional systems.

KlantDB Cargo Belgium

More than a document management system

“To operate as a rail company in Belgium, you are required to obtain a certificate from the government. In order to obtain this certificate, you must be able to prove, among other things, that you in fact maintain procedures, documents, manuals, etc. for everything,” says Dries. Under time constraints, he needed to find a solution to manage their documentation as quickly as possible.

“I was not comfortable with managing our documents the traditional way, on paper or via SharePoint. That’s why I started looking for document management systems online. Very coincidentally, that’s how I found Zenya DOC.”

The YouTube videos with customer case studies in particular immediately caught Dries’ attention. “In those videos it became obvious to me that Zenya DOC is more than the typical document management system. The accompanying Search app promoted interactivity with employees in the field, which was something other vendors could not offer.”

Functionality and benefits of the Search app

“For us, it is incredibly important that everyone in the field has quick and easy access to the right documents. The different types of documents can be categorized by position in Zenya DOC, each of which also has its own color code.”

Software administrators get to see all documents, end users only get to see the documents that are relevant to them. This classification by position ensures that the documentation is clear and easy for everyone to consult.

Administrators can easily modify the documents shared in Zenya DOC. According to Dries, “Because we have control over the type of information that appears in the app, we’re always sure that our employees are consulting the correct, most recent versions.”

Zenya keeps things easy and clear for those in the field. Which also means it’s more likely to be used. We didn’t find that significant interactivity with employees in the field with other software vendors.”

Dries de Craemer
Head of QHSE DB Cargo Belgium

Incident reporting is also done through an app

Relatively soon after Zenya DOC, DB Cargo Belgium also signed up for the Zenya FLOW module. This was developed specifically to support incident management on the workplace, using the Capture app.

“The success of the Search app quickly made it clear that a user-friendly app is the way to get people in the workplace on board. And we’re seeing the same with the Capture app.” With this app, employees can very easily report complaints, workplace accidents, improvement ideas or unsafe situations to management.

“Moreover, thanks to the app, we can also respond to reports ourselves, and this is something that employees appreciate. It motivates them to be more committed to the company and also to report issues more easily.”

“If you are able to respond to employee concerns promptly, you’ll find that they themselves are also more attentive to the challenges within your company.”

Dries de Craemer
Head of QHSE DB Cargo Belgium

A unique all-in-one package with many possibilities

A single app in which employees find the right documents as quickly as possible, and another app with which they can easily report incidents: it’s a unique all-in-one package in which Dries sees enormous benefits as well as possibilities.

“I think we now use approximately 70% of the possibilities Zenya offers us. We are determined to gain much more from it though. This includes the fact that we are in the process of recruiting new employees through Zenya.”

At this point, Dries points out that they didn’t have to start from scratch themselves. He read in an Infoland customer case about a company that ran into the same problems as DB Cargo Belgium. Their onboarding flow was outlined in the case, and Dries and his team were able to extend their software themselves.

“That’s the beauty of Zenya. You are given, as it were, a modular product that you can develop yourself. Every so often you get together with other Zenya users, cases are explained and you can share experiences. In addition, there is also an online community where you can ask questions or look at examples from other organizations. Last but not least, we can always count on the consultants from Infoland themselves for help or advice.”

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Know what's going on in the workplace

“The biggest advantage to the Zenya apps is that we now know more about what’s going on,” Dries adds. “You can maintain connections with people in the field in a more efficient way, even if you don’t see each other very often. Through the apps, we are sure that our people have the right information and that they can pass on reports quickly. Moreover, the staff members are also incredibly satisfied, which of course is even more important.”

The fact that the apps are so user-friendly also provides another benefit. Dries: “With Zenya’s software we can really make an impression during inspections. That’s because in terms of annual audits and safety inspections, it’s not just what’s on paper that counts. Another plus is when you can prove that your approach is relevant in the workplace, and that you have invested in software that allows employees to participate. Zenya consequently helps us meet the obligations of a rail company in several areas.”

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