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Quality management at Essent: from failures to efficiency

Essent, one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands, chose Infoland to deliver a new quality management system. In 2015, a new era dawned for Essent Risk Management: a new department that was to focus entirely on integrated risk management, with value creation and business partnership as its spearheads. A department where support with the right tools is necessary. 

However, the outdated tool was causing malfunctions and frustrations. It was high time for a new solution.

Joyce Boere, Manager Commercial Risk Management at Essent, was in charge of the project. “Our previous tool caused quite a few glitches, bugs and other matters that didn’t go smoothly. 

These problems mainly arose on the side of our software supplier at the time. The tool was simply not a good enough match and did not add value. This made it quite difficult to implement the process and risk management we actually needed. And that had to change!”


The search for new quality management software

In other words: we had to go in search of a new tool that would enable Essent to get a grip on processes and risks throughout the organisation and to maintain its unique position in the market. This time the search came with a set of demands. 

“The system not only had to be free of faults and interruptions, it also had to be user friendly for the staff., Iincidents had to be analysed immediately and documents had to be accessible to everyone. 

We found the right combination of price, quality and user-friendliness in Infoland’s software: Zenya. The software is easy to use and not difficult to manage. 

Very different from the software we used before. It was not intuitive and difficult to use, and a lot of time was spent on administration. And that did not motivate our staff to work with the tool. A missed opportunity!”

90% of our staff indicate that there is an improvement compared to the previous tool.”

Joyce Boere
Manager Commercial Risk Management at Essent

Quality management with Zenya: solution and relief

“Where our old quality management tool was no longer market-proof in terms of functionalities, Zenya offered a solution and relief.” Joyce was the first person in the organisation to make truly integrated use of Infoland’s quality management system. 

“In choosing Zenya and during the implementation, we made sure to involve the business to the maximum. In this way, we can meet the actual needs of the business. 

The feedback we are now receiving from our staff bodes well for the future. Employees now enjoy working with the tool. It is well-organised, has a good intuitive look and numerous useful search options

In this way, you can immediately find what you are looking for in numerous documents. 90% of our staff indicate that it is an improvement compared to the previous tool. It helps them to be more efficient in their job. 

The user-friendliness and lack of failures saves us a lot of hassle and gives us more time for real risk management. We are, of course, very happy about this. In addition, we now have much more functionalities than we had before and the implementation did not cause any issues, and was within planning and budget.” 

The importance of ease of use

Controlling internal processes is also very important for Essent. It ensures that contacts can be established and that risk management can be properly applied. “The difference with Zenya DOC compared to the other process management systems is again the ease of use

This is truly unique! You can easily and quickly find a specific document or process. Without this tool, we would simply not be able to continue our high level of internal control. The software is not only very simple, it is also very easy to manage. 

Software management used to be a task for the IT department, now we can do most of it very easily ourselves.” 

“Finally, the fact that Infoland is a Dutch company with Zenya as its core product also played a major role in the choice of a suitable tool. Because when you collaborate with international parties a lot, there is often a lack of local attention

In addition, many large companies have a broad portfolio of various systems, and therefore the focus is not always on issues and keeping the systems in line with the market. Short lines and personal attention, that’s what Infoland stands for. 

And if we run into anything, they can solve it pretty quickly. I think that is a really unique point compared to all the other parties.” 

It is well-organised, has a good intuitive look and numerous useful search options. 

Joyce Boere
Manager Commercial Risk Management at Essent

Personal attention and community as added value

Thanks to the positive experiences with Zenya, Joyce has now recommended the software to several units within the organisation. “We recommended the system internally. It deserves the right attention because you get real value for money

The great thing about Infoland is that they have a community where users share ideas for new functionalities. When other users indicate they would also appreciate the new functionality or when Infoland sees value in it, there is a good chance that it will actually be developed. 

Since the implementation six months ago, several adjustments have been made to meet our needs. I would therefore really recommend that piece of personal attention from Infoland as a valued addition.”

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