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Euramax: from makeshift to mature incident management

Reporting incidents, creating reports and putting health and safety measurements in place. To put it bluntly, these were all rather makeshift processes at Euramax. Until about two years ago, when they switched to the Zenya FLOW module. 

According to HSE manager Hertwig Halmans, the incident management system mainly stands out due to the simplicity and the ability to connect it to other systems. 

“Excel lists, printed forms, employees working with outdated versions of forms, random emails with feedback and so on. All these years, we have processed (near) incidents in the system in this way,” says Hertwig Halmans. 

“It goes without saying that entering everything manually takes a lot of time. Moreover, we had no overview and we were not building a central database. A quick search and find was not an option. The old reporting system was just a rigid system.”


How we’d prefer it

It is high time for an automated and modern software system. Euramax first heard about Infoland through a YouTube video. 

It was clear what the company needed: a reporting and registration system, which had to be user-friendly, connectable to existing systems, with an open database and easy to create forms in. 

Without any hassle about the data

The interfaces with existing software and the open database were particularly important for Euramax. “We work with several software packages. The fact that it’s compatible with the new system is nice. And we wanted to be able to access our data without any hassle or extra cost

In contrast to other parties, this was not a problem for Infoland. This soon became the deciding factor to close the deal.” And so the Zenya FLOW module was implemented. The perfect basis for Euramax to build its own incident management system

The compatibility with several software packages was very nice for us. The Reporting & Analysis module is an excellent basis for us to build on.”

Hertwig Halmans
HSE Manager Euramax

Creating awareness

Euramax uses the incident management system to report environmental incidents, accidents and near-accidents and dangerous situations. The latter is also essential for the company. A dangerous situation can arise, for example, when someone is not wearing hearing protection where it is compulsory. 

A colleague who notices this can, in addition to calling the person to account, also make a report in the system. This notification is automatically sent to other employees so that they are not only informed but also become aware that hearing protection is mandatory.

Multifunctional system

However, Euramax uses Zenya for more than just reporting (near) incidents. “It is also a powerful system to plan measurements and report measurement results. For example, we carry out our own measurements in accordance with the Working Conditions Act (Arbo) to assess the level of exposure to hazardous substances. 

However, the proper conversion of the results into a clear report was cumbersome and time-consuming. Thanks to Zenya FLOW, setting up a measurement and reporting data is now much easier, with less chance of errors and a good overview of the results. 

Because the system collects all the data, it forms an excellent basis. We can now find reports quickly and easily if there are questions, for example, during (government) audits.”

HR tool

Finally, the software is also used as an HR tool. Employees organise internal toolbox meetings and the HR department uses it to recruit new colleagues. If there is a vacancy, the manager of the relevant department reports this in Zenya FLOW

HR then initiates the recruitment and selection procedure. Once a suitable person has been hired, it sets out actions in the system to personnel administration, procurement and IT, among others, to ensure that this person receives all the necessary resources and can start work.

Great added value

The ultimate question, of course, is: what has the system brought Euramax so far? “What we experience as major pluses compared to working with Excel, are especially the ease of use and the reliability of the information that you can extract from the data. 

That saves a lot of time and ultimately money. The incident management system is of great value to our organisation. The business processes are now organised much more professionally

That’s important, because our business operations are increasingly focused on costs, partly due to consolidation of various customers and professionalisation of the purchasing department. There are also more and more health, safety and environmental regulations to take into account. 

We are even considering additional modules for auditing, planning, risk management and document management, among others.”

What we see as big pluses are the ease of use and the reliability of the information we get from data.”

Hertwig Halmans
HSE Manager Euramax

Get even more out of it

Although Zenya FLOW has already delivered a great deal for Euramax, Halmans wants to get even more out of the system. “We use it to describe general risks such as exceeding emission values. 

But we would very much like to specify this further. That is, divided into risk areas such as water, air and soil in order to find out even better what is going on on the shop floor.”

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