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Greenyard Fresh: from individual files to an integrated QMS

An organisation in the food industry with 150 permanent employees can really benefit from a solid quality management system. Years ago, the Quality Management department at Greenyard Fresh Netherlands started processing information in separate Word, Excel and PDF files

Even a simple search would take a lot of time in those days. For a fast-growing organisation like Greenyard, this meant it was high time for a solution.

Thanks to Zenya, Infoland’s quality management system, Greenyard finally waved this inefficient era goodbye. Document management, quality processes and incident management are now fully automated

“It is insightful and accessible to all. Our QM Handbook used to be stored on our server as a PDF file. It was managed by one person. This while it is so important to be able to share this information with as many colleagues as possible,” says Judith Prang of the QM department at Greenyard Fresh Netherlands. 

“Managing documents and performing thorough quality management became very complicated. This is exactly what we wanted to improve.” 

Very logical! Quality management is of course fundamental for a company in the food industry. A system that can improve and facilitate management and compliance with the QM handbook is not only desirable, but also necessary. 

“The idea was to divide the responsibilities among several colleagues with the help of Zenya. In addition, the management and modification of documents had to be made easier.”

CompanyGreenyard Fresh Netherlands

The search for the perfect match

The search for the right provider was not difficult according to Judith: “We were in contact with several companies. We ultimately chose Infoland because it is a Dutch company, even a local business from our area.”  Greenyard was also attracted by the prospect of receiving the best quality. 

“The Infoland tools are widely used in healthcare, where quality, safety and efficiency are very important for obvious reasons. If Infoland can do this well in healthcare, you can expect it to be suitable for the food industry too. A high level of quality management in healthcare is therefore a good yardstick.”  

If organisations want to deliver to retail, then a well-organised and documented quality department is necessary. To have the same level of quality management as in healthcare, I think that’s a good benchmark!”

Judith Prang
QM department Greenyard Fresh Netherlands

A complex highly user-friendly system

With Zenya’s user-friendliness, Infoland still stands out among its competitors. “The system is complex, but eventually very easy to use for the end users. This user-friendliness was really a requirement and that was one of the main reasons why we chose Zenya. 

In addition, it is nice that Zenya DOC and Zenya FLOW can easily be combined. We also have the opportunity to use a total quality management system for our operations. In this way, all quality aspects can be operated in a user-friendly manner.”

Information supply in a growing organisation

Greenyard Fresh Netherlands is still expanding the system within the organisation. But the larger the group of users, the more complicated the provision of information can become. Of course, not everyone can be aware of what is happening in other departments. 

Zenya software makes this growth much easier. Customer complaints and incidents are easily processed in Zenya. I am glad that we are working with Infoland. The quality management system is now much easier to understand for all colleagues and it is also much easier to look up information.” 

Or like Judith herself puts it, “I just couldn’t do without it anymore!”  

But in addition to the documentation, evaluations also go much faster with the newly implemented quality management system: “You press one button and it’s done. Previously, we had to document evaluations of customer complaints, for example, manually in an Excel file, and that took a lot of time. 

This is no longer an issue. We are now going to use Zenya for the management of contracts in other departments, for example. The administrator will be automatically notified when a contract expires. This in turn gives us more room for other things.” 

The system is complex, but it works very easily for the end users. I just couldn’t do without it anymore!”

Judith Prang - Greenyard Nederland - Klein formaat foto
Judith Prang
QM department Greenyard Fresh Netherlands

The need for quality management in the food industry

Over 20 years ago, the food industry was a very different sector. If organisations want to deliver to retail nowadays, they need a well-organised and documented quality department.” It’s no longer just the organisation that is considered. Now the whole chain is checked out. 

Where does the product come from? Does that grower in South America or China meet the requirements of a specific customer? In other words: quality is simply becoming more and more important. 

I would therefore recommend Zenya software to other Greenyard sites so that we as a whole organisation can get the most out of quality management.”

Collaboration with Infoland

“All in all, I am very satisfied with Zenya quality management software. I just couldn’t do without it anymore! The difference between working in individual files and Zenya is huge. You have built up a structure and that makes searching easier than browsing in separate folders with separate files

Especially when you are not familiar with a specific document. You can simply type a word into the system and it will then immediately check all the texts in which this word occurs. 

The result: you immediately find the document you are looking for. This is not only easy for me but also for all other employees.”

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