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Humo for GPs aligns all healthcare colleagues with Zenya

Together with 61 GP practices, Humo for GPs (formerly known as ‘Care Group Synchroon’) aims to provide the best possible care to patients with a (chronic) illness. To achieve this, a lot of agreements are made and documents are shared with the various care colleagues. About two years ago, the care group felt the need to start doing this in a more efficient way. Maartje Schmeits (Manager prevention, quality and training at Humo for GPs) explains how they came to Zenya for this.

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Greater need for efficiency

Maartje is the point of contact within the healthcare group for all things related to Zenya. Together with a colleague, she initiated the implementation process in 2021 and she continues to pick it up now.

“It goes without saying that a lot of documents are shared within our care group. This used to be done via e-mail or publicly via our website, but we felt it could be done better. There was no clear overview, there were often outdated documents in circulation. That’s why we started looking for a system to improve quality.”

After some research, it turned out that both GP surgeries and hospitals within the region were already working with Zenya. “This looked like a great advantage to us when exchanging documents with each other. So the choice was made quite quickly,” says Maartje.

Overarching quality assurance

Firstly, the healthcare group chose Zenya DOC to store all their documents in a central place and share them with the GP practices. Maartje: “We created a folder structure in Zenya DOC with all the things that Humo for GPs facilitates for the GPs. All the information we used to share separately is in there. We now share new information via links to those folders and no longer as attachments to e-mails.”

Maartje thinks the biggest added value of Zenya DOC is the fact that everything is collected in one place. It is now much easier to keep all documentation up-to-date, so that employees of the GP practices always have the latest versions at their disposal. If something is not clear, users can also add comments, which then immediately goes to the right people.

“Thanks to Zenya DOC, we can now ensure the quality of our work,” says Maartje. “We also collaborate a lot with one hospital in our region, which also uses Zenya. If they want us to share a document with our GPs, they can remain the administrator while the document is in our system. This way, again, we avoid mistakes.”

Towards the next year, the healthcare group expects to go one step further, namely the possibility for practices to make documents from their own portal available to other practices. “That need does appear to be there, especially for protocols, for example. Sometimes a practice notices that they are still missing things, while another practice has already recorded them. That way we can help each other even better.”

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You can set control dates and then you will be notified when things need to be revisited and/or changed. That helps to keep our information up-to-date.”

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Maartje Schmeits
Prevention, quality and training manager at Humo for GPs

Clear, even without a desktop

For the documents that are shared centrally, the care group also uses the Zenya Search app. This way, healthcare colleagues always have all documents at hand, even when they are away from their computers.

Maartje: “Users can log in to the app and then see all the information they need. For example, there is a separate folder with appointments we have with the hospital and for each folder we made a document with frequently asked questions on that topic. In that document there are links to the detailed information. This keeps it all clear.”

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Tailored incident reporting

In addition to Zenya DOC, Humo also offers GPs Zenya FLOW at their practices, for internal incident reports. Two flows were developed centrally: one concise, the other slightly more extensive. Practices thus choose which flow suits them best.

What Maartje finds useful about Zenya FLOW is the reports and dashboards that are linked to the data. “GP practices can easily include these in their team meetings,” says Maartje. “At the moment, Humo for GPs themselves does not do anything with this data, but eventually it does seem interesting for us to start looking at general trends here ourselves; in which area are the most incidents reported and can we as a healthcare group perhaps support this.”

The reports from Zenya FLOW help GP practices keep their finger on the pulse in terms of incidents.”

Zorggroep Synchroon - Maartje Schmeits - Zenya Software by Infoland
Maartje Schmeits
Prevention, quality and training manager at Humo for GPs

Zenya helps practices with accreditation

Finally, using Zenya helps GP practices with their accreditation. “Every 3 years, they receive an audit through the NPA to maintain their NHG practice accreditation,” says Maartje. “Through Zenya, they can easily demonstrate to the auditor that their protocols are up-to-date and safeguarded.” It also shows that the GP practices are paying attention to quality improvement, which is only positive.

Pleasant cooperation in all areas

Maartje looks back on the two years that they have been working with Zenya with a good feeling. In the beginning, it required some searching for what could and could not be done, she indicates. “We were the first healthcare group to want to assign a separate portal to each practice. So the working method was not only new for us, but also for Infoland. They actively helped us with this and were always willing to think along. Even now, we can always contact them, which is very pleasant.”

What is the biggest added value Zenya has created within the healthcare group? “Thanks to Zenya, the cooperation between all healthcare colleagues within our group is much better and more efficient. That only benefits the patients. Moreover, we have been able to offer our GP practices individually something that optimises their way of working. So we all strive together to provide the best care for patients in our region,” Maartje concludes.

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