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Zenya brings cohesion to pathology lab LabPON

Laboratories are heavily regulated environments. A small mistake can have major consequences, so working with protocols is no stranger to staff. But how do you make sure the information is up-to-date and easy to find in one place?

Rudi Evers has been working at LabPON since 1985, went from analyst to QSE officer and, together with Odette Hampsink, staffs the QSE department at LabPON. Rudi tells how Zenya has been supporting them for about 5 years on topics such as quality and safety but also information security.

LabPON referentie

Requirements for a quality management system evolve over the years

Years ago, document management at LabPON consisted of an intranet in HTML with links. And at the time, that was sufficient, but the wishes and requirements naturally change over time. And then there comes a time when this way of working is no longer adequate, for example for ISO 15189 accreditation.

That was the moment, around 2010, when LabPON started looking for a new system for document management. “We were allowed to look at Medlon, among others; they were already using iProva, Zenya’s predecessor, at the time. Ultimately, at that time, that was not what we were looking for and we switched to a SharePoint environment,” says Rudi.

A layer was placed over SharePoint to be able to carry out quality management using the same software, but this ultimately turned out not to work the way LabPON had envisioned. So about five years later, they ended up back at Infoland and started using Documents & Processes, now Zenya DOC, in 2016. LabPON now uses all Zenya modules and actively deploys the card index.

Why keep reinventing the wheel when others have already done it? That’s a waste of time, isn’t it?”

Rudi Evers
QSE officer at LabPON

A preference for cloud solutions

Rudi also says he has a strong preference for SaaS: “I am very cloud-minded. That is sometimes quite unique in this environment; we sometimes tend to stick to the old and familiar. And of course, it has to suit us and fit within our frameworks in terms of (information) security and workability. But if you dare to think a little out-of-the-box, it succeeds surprisingly often I can tell you.”

By choosing Zenya as a SaaS solution, Infoland takes the management out of their hands, which makes a huge difference for organisations like LabPON. By also purchasing a sandbox environment, they can test out updates first, so there are no surprises when they are implemented in the live environment.

Referentiecase LabPON

The card index is actually the beating heart of Zenya and is used very systematically by us.”

Rudi Evers
QSE officer at LabPON

The card index as the beating heart of quality management

When an organisation uses all Zenya modules, it has a powerful system for quality and risk management. However, it is a good idea to then look at how you can link information and, above all, prevent double input. In this way, the card index in Zenya can form the basis of asset management, which is exactly how LabPON deploys it.

“The card index is actually the beating heart of Zenya and is used very systematically by us,” Rudi explains. “We use it for asset management in the broadest sense of the word: from device maintenance to information from accounts, affiliated GPs, processing register etc. And wherever we might need that information in Zenya, it is retrievable.”

That leads to LabPON passing with flying colours at the reassessment for ISO 15189. The results were outstanding and no findings (NBCs) came out of the audit. The auditors expressed admiration for the way LabPON manages quality. The fact that Zenya contributes to this only makes us at Infoland very proud.

Samenhang Zenya en LabPON

Everyone is always welcome at LabPON and I always look to see if others have tips and tricks that LabPON can benefit from.”

Rudi Evers
QSE officer at LabPON

No need to keep reinventing the wheel

Where Rudi is cloud-minded, he is equally focused on collaboration. Internally and externally. “Why keep reinventing the wheel when others have already done it? That’s a waste of time, isn’t it?” says Rudi.

That’s why Zenya DOC is also used for data exchange with other organisations, with Webshare. LabPON is part of IDON, a collaboration between four diagnostics providers with a shared vision for sensible care. With LabMicTA, also part of IDON, they share accommodation and part of the infrastructure. There are also plans for Zenya to cooperate more extensively, especially in the areas of document sharing and information security.

In addition, Rudi is in talks with Nij Smellinghe to see how NEN7510 can be secured in Zenya. It is great to see that organisations are looking for and helping each other in this way: “I think it is a pity that some organisations are so closed. When in fact we can learn so much from each other. Everyone is always welcome at LabPON and I always see if others have tips and tricks that LabPON can benefit from,” says Rudi.

And the aforementioned Medlon, which is also in IDON, is now visiting LabPON to see how they can use Zenya more broadly and better. That completes the circle nicely for Rudi. And with ambassadors like Rudi, Infoland is of course incredibly happy, the power of Zenya is very visible in a live environment.

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