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Radboudumc improves healthcare with Good Practices

During spring 2022, Radboudumc launched the Good Practices project. A major way to benefit from good experiences from one’s own organization. This benefits the quality of healthcare, processes and employee satisfaction. How does this work and what role does Zenya play in this? Silvia van Gils, senior advisor/auditor at Radboudumc explains.


Continuous improvement

The Radboudumc uses all of Zenya’s pillars within their organization. They ensure the quality cycle by recording agreements and processes through DOC and implementing them using iQualify and CHECK. The process of monitoring is done with CHECK, FLOW, Compliance and standards frameworks. Requirements frameworks are a separate part of the software that establishes standards that can be used and tested through other modules. By using FLOW, they work on improvements. The main focus is on improvement and prevention.

To learn by doing things right

It is sometimes forgotten that within organizations many more things are done correctly than incorrectly. Radboudumc is well aware of this. Silvia van Gils comments: “Based on the Safety II idea that is becoming increasingly important in healthcare, we want to focus on things that go well. And to learn from them. That brings positive energy. Since we are a university hospital, we naturally tend to approach this scientifically. However, it can also be done much more directly. There are numerous examples of good practice within the organization. Colleagues struggle with similar problems or situations. When one of them shares a solution, everyone benefits. We make these examples transparent so that we learn more from each other. Good practices are inspiring and people can use them immediately.”

Step by step, we are achieving exactly why we started this project. Improving processes in an efficient way, touching quality and safety of care and employee satisfaction. By learning from each other, it is possible to make strides in a smaller time frame, with less investment and a more optimal result.”

Silvia van Gils
Senior advisor/auditor at Radboudumc

Integration into Zenya FLOW

“It is a logical choice to include Good Practices in Zenya’s quality suite. Within Zenya FLOW, Van Gils’ team added a report type. This has created a one-stop shop where people can report the things that are abnormal (such as incidents with patients or staff), make improvement suggestions and post the things that are remarkably good.

This provides connections, both immediate and future, with the other components and reporting types is an advantage. In addition, the Radboudumc has a policy of initially solving wishes in existing systems. To reduce differentiation and keep management efficient and cost-effective. For the implementation it is an added value that this new option could be placed in an existing interface.”

How does it work?

Within Radboudumc, each department has a Start Portal that is customized. All those portals allow everyone to report good practices via the ‘report’ button. In addition, it is possible to make reports via a smartphone or tablet via QR codes distributed within the organization. In this way, reporting is very simple and accessible and a large database is being built. Silvia van Gils: “Everyone within the organization can report examples and smart things and benefit from them. Everyone within the organization can search the database for good examples. For example, the Department of Ophthalmology has made an information video about age-related macular degeneration for patients. A knowledge clip anticoagulation protocol for employees was made and a storyboard informing patients about anticoagulation. There is a weekly mailing on improvement actions within the pharmacy, and this greatly increases engagement.”

In the future, Radboudumc wants to create the possibility that patients can also report good practice examples. In addition, this tool is also interesting for other institutions.”

Silvia van Gils
Senior advisor/auditor at Radboudumc

First promising results

“During the implementation there was considerable excitement within Radboudumc. The fact that good practice examples can be shared is received very positively. In the first 4 months, more than 220 views of the examples have already been made. It is striking that the employees viewing the examples are diverse. Not only from different departments, but also from different positions. Examples include doctors, nurses, quality officers, secretaries and consultants. Internally, it is indicated that it has actually connected people.

With time, more good practices are developed and reporting them becomes a habit. As a member of staff, you don’t always realize how often your example is viewed and leads to action. Visualizing the number of ‘hits’ on a report is not yet a functionality in Zenya. In consultation with Silvia van Gils, Infoland created a query. This provides the possibility to inform reporters. The reactions to this are very positive. Silvia van Gils: Step by step we achieve what we started this project for. Improving processes in an efficient way that promotes quality and safety of care and employee satisfaction. Through learning from each other, you can make strides in a shorter time frame, with less investment and a more optimal result.”

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Zenya's added value

“Radboudumc was able to initiate this project quickly because an idea like this can be placed as a kind of building block in Zenya’s quality suite. There was no need for a separate software package to realize this, which saves valuable time and energy. Radboudumc has an in-house expert group that focuses on optimization and further development. Van Gils is part of that group. They are familiar with the software and are happy that they are extending the system with creative solutions to best support in-house processes. According to Van Gils, this notification type is not complex at all; you don’t need expert knowledge”” to create it. Basic knowledge of Zenya FLOW is sufficient. If this knowledge is lacking, a consultant or employee of Infoland’s service desk can help.

Establishing good practices is not complicated and the benefits can be enormous. It can be implemented across the organization and everyone working within the organization can benefit and that benefits patients.”

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