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RAV Brabant: enthusiastic user of the Zenya Search App

When the Regional Ambulance Service (RAV) staff must dispatch, every second counts. The ambulance service’s top priority is saving lives and providing the best possible care for patients. Anything that can support this mission is, therefore, more than welcome.

Protocols are one example. These help the ambulance service to provide the best care in each situation. Although this requires access to a PC, employees could already look up local protocols, rules, and procedures in Zenya DOC. But they don’t have one when they’re out and about. So, time for a solution they can take with them!

CustomerRAV Brabant Mid-West-North

Tanya van Rijckevorsel van Kessel is a quality advisor at RAV Brabant Midden-West-Noord. Together with the application manager and ambulance driver, Marcel Smidt, she became enthusiastic about the Zenya Search app. “When Marcel and I were allowed to give a workshop about the Zenya Search app at the Infoland User Day in 2018, it even became more clear to us, what the app can mean for our service,” says Tanya.

Zenya is an all-in-one solution

No further comparative research had been done when choosing the Search app. RAV Brabant MWN has been using Zenya software for years and is slowly but surely expanding. “At the time, a conscious choice was made for one software package that could later be expanded with extra modules. Since Zenya was chosen years ago, it was logical for us to expand the package with the Search app,” says Tanya. Because Marcel is already familiar with the software, managing the app is easy for him: “It works intuitively, so many things go automatically. And when I do have a question, Infoland always thinks along with me. The service desk is always there for us, and no question is too crazy for them!”

Consulted 1547 times

RAV Brabant MWN has no challenging targets for the use of the app. It is supposed to make the work of the ambulance staff easier. Therefore, its use is not compulsory either, but still, the documents in the app have been consulted over 1,500 times in four months. Figures that Tanya and Marcel are pleased with.

What is the app mainly used for? Mariëlle, an ambulance nurse, says that mainly the documents containing protocols are used less often. But she also sees at the control posts that the app is used a lot for the ambulance check rounds, including checking whether all the necessary equipment has been provided. Previously, this was done using paper checklists.

Working with the right documents and the right version of these documents means that the quality of service can be improved.”

The correct version is always at hand, wherever you are

“What strikes me most, is that the app is straightforward to use. Everyone can use it; you can put it on your smartphone and easily search through the documents. And thanks to the app, you also know for sure that you always have the latest version at hand,” says Mariëlle. Working with the correct documents and the latest version of those documents, also means that the quality of service can be guaranteed even more. (Quality is guaranteed more, or quality is better).

From his role as a driver, Marcel adds that the colleagues at the control room, who take the emergency calls, also benefit from the app. Previously, ambulance staff sometimes called the control room to request information. That is no longer necessary. “You also notice that employees gain more confidence by using the app. Usually, they know the procedures, but they still look for confirmation. With the Zenya Search app, you always have that confirmation at your fingertips, and wherever you are. Even if you don’t have internet.”

Testing and going live

It took about a year, before RAV Brabant MWN went live with the app. There have been two test phases. First of all, the app was tested on iOS at management level, because it was not yet generally available, at the time. Since the ambulances work with iPads, it is a must that the app on iOS works flawlessly. In the second phase, the quality staff at the various ambulance stations were asked to start working with the app.

The time had finally come. At the beginning of May 2019, the app could be rolled out widely. Tanya: “We did wait a while until the new release came out, so that logging in with ADFS went smoothly. Because, if employees can’t log in, (properly) in one go, they won’t use the app, not even later.”

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Zenya Search app: suitable for everyone!

RAV Brabant MWN is very pleased with the Zenya Search app. Especially for the employees, who are often on the road and do not have a PC at their disposal, it is an excellent addition to the Zenya DOC module. Both Tanya and Marcel think that the app is suitable for every professional, who is not sitting behind a desk. Almost everyone can benefit from the app, whether at the patient’s bedside, or in a warehouse, or production hall.

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