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SPIE Belgium makes it easier for employees with Zenya

From the design of Smart Cities to the maintenance of energy-efficient buildings: SPIE Belgium is European leader in multi-technical services in the area of energy and communication. Jeroen Vercauteren, QSE manager, has been part of the organisation for 14 years. He helped with the digitalisation of various processes, including the incident management system and the performance of audits.

Just like many other companies, at SPIE Belgium (part of the SPIE group) a lot of things were still documented on paper. The need for digitalisation became urgent, after which the company went in search of a reliable and flexible partner to assist them.

KlantSPIE Belgium
Jeroen Vercauteren - SPIE Belgium

Across different business units

SPIE Belgium has 14 branches spread across Belgium and Luxembourg. The roll-out had to be bi-lingual and done in an efficient manner – something that was certainly not made easier by the pandemic.

“Our first meetings with Infoland were physical, where we set up a flow together in real time. The approach was very clear. We first looked at what we needed and gradually developed our first notification type,” says Jeroen.

Once the software was ready for testing, they started with a proof of concept in two business units. After three months the test period was evaluated, further adjustments were made and then the full roll-out for all branches followed.


Reduce administrative burden

“There were several processes that needed to be digitised, but we wanted to tackle incident management first,” Jeroen begins. “In the past, this was all done on paper. A lot of papers were scanned in, a lot of tasks were given, but… Paper can be easily ignored. Moreover, that whole process required a lot of administrative effort from our prevention advisors”.

In order to reduce this administrative burden and ensure that the prevention advisors could once again fully focus on their most important task, SPIE Belgium went in search of a solution to digitise all incident management. The choice fell on Zenya FLOW by Infoland. In early 2020 (just before the corona pandemic broke out) the kick-off was given.

Thanks to Zenya, our prevention advisors can focus again on their most important tasks.”

Jeroen Vercauteren
QSE manager at SPIE Belgium

More than just incident management

In addition to incident management, Zenya FLOW can also be used to digitalise numerous other processes. In the meantime, SPIE Belgium also makes full use of it.

Jeroen: “Other flows that we have already set up include reporting opportunities, data breaches, and reports on unethical behaviour, but also the registration and follow-up of CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Actions, n.v.d.), annual action plans, and the registration of toolboxes.

This process is also running smoothly. “Zenya FLOW is very intuitive. Not only for the user, but also for the people who have to draw up the flows. In the beginning, we transferred our paper processes to digital in a rather straightforward manner, but in the meantime, we have become so familiar with the software that we can start optimising these first processes”.

Easy to use anywhere with the Capture App

Zenya FLOW can be used both on desktop and mobile. For smartphones there is the Capture App. “With the app, our people can start up reports very easily and quickly, which is especially useful on our construction sites, for example. More extensive registrations are done via desktop.

To keep the login very simple, the FLOW module was linked to SPIE Belgium’s own user system. “So, every user only needs one login for both the umbrella SPIE system and for FLOW,” Jeroen says. “This makes the whole system even more accessible.

The advantages of Zenya FLOW

All records in one database

As an important added value Jeroen mentions the fact that within the incident management system a lot of information, even photos, can be included with each report. All these files are uploaded and maintained together in Zenya FLOW and therefore not on a separate server. This way there is a complete record per incident in which all information can be retrieved quickly.

Easy to use

It struck Jeroen that other parties often make their incident reporting system very complex for the user – in contrast to Zenya FLOW. “The complex part is here only behind the form, in the flow that is started after the report. This flow is only accessible to the so-called pro-users, the people who know their way around the software”.

“We do ensure that callers are kept informed about what is happening with their report,” Jeroen says. When they were still working on paper this hardly ever happened, but thanks to Zenya FLOW it has become much easier. “This ensures that our employees see the usefulness of the reports and encourages them to report later incidents more quickly.”

Clear, tailor-made reporting

Where it used to be a priority to receive and collect data, the SPIE Belgium team now mainly focuses on reporting and how they can extract trends and analyses from that data.

The data resulting from each FLOW is neatly collected and visually presented in a clear dashboard. Jeroen: “Behind the Zenya database is a pretty powerful reporting system. We also took the option at Infoland to work with Power BI. This allows us to pull the entire database into it as well”.

Reporting incidents through Zenya FLOW is low-threshold and intuitive. Our people can easily make reports and are not confronted with complex flows themselves.”

Jeroen Vercauteren
QSE manager at SPIE Belgium
Uitbreiding met Zenya CHECK

Expansion with Zenya CHECK

Following its positive experience with Zenya FLOW, SPIE Belgium also started working with Zenya CHECK. “In CHECK we set up our safety rounds,” says Jeroen. “These can be workplace inspections, where the operator has to answer a few simple questions, or questionnaires for preventive observation visits and audits. The operator then must describe the observed activity, note the risks he sees and what has been discussed with the person carrying out the activity. Then he has to evaluate and follow up the whole process. All this is done within the CHECK module”.

We wanted above all to make life easier for our people – and with Zenya we have succeeded in this.”

Jeroen Vercauteren
QSE manager at SPIE Belgium

A positive change

“When we first started working with Zenya, we felt some ‘resistance to change’ from our people. After all, they were used to working in a certain way. But after a few months, everyone had to admit that our working methods had greatly improved. Jeroen saw, for example, that many more incident reports came in since they started working with Zenya FLOW.

“Also the speed and correctness of data, in short the efficiency of the entire processes, has improved a lot,” says Jeroen. “It was absolutely not our intention to make life difficult for everyone, on the contrary. We wanted to make life easier for our people, and with Zenya we have certainly succeeded in doing so”.

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