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Zenya brings calm and structure to rehabilitation centre Spine & Joint Centre

For 27 years, the Spine & Joint Centre has been the expert in treating physical complaints – especially back, pelvic and neck pain. As part of their first ISO certification, the rehabilitation and expertise centre set up a quality system. Gradually, however, the realisation grew that the system did not work very pleasantly at all. They started looking for an alternative and ended up with Zenya. Barbara Koffijberg (Quality Advisor and Business Controller) and Inge Ronchetti (Head of Functional Research) tell us how they apply Zenya today within the Spine & Joint Centre and what impact it has.






25 – 50

Challenges before take-off:

  • An old, non-user-friendly quality system
  • Employees had loss of time
  • External audits brought a lot of stress

Results after implementation:

  • Peace thanks to overview and structure in Zenya
  • Up-to-date documents, always at hand quickly
  • Ease of use for users and administrators

Said goodbye to a tedious quality system

“The quality system we were working with before was actually very tedious,” Barbara begins her story. “It contained an overview that listed all our documents, from work instructions to forms and basic info about the organisation. But the system had no search function. So anyone looking for a document had to dig through all the folders or ask us where the document was.”

Updating documents was also difficult. There was one quality officer who had to urge the other employees to update the documents for which they were responsible. This person had to follow up on everything and then also ensure that the documents were in the system on time for the external audits.

“Those audits brought a lot of stress, both for the quality officer and for the other employees,” says Inge. “We kept asking ourselves: Will the documents be updated on time? Will they be in the system on time? Will they be the latest versions?”

In terms of notifications, the Spine & Joint Centre worked with a self-conceived system. Some reports were made digitally, others came in on paper – which took a lot of manual work and therefore time.

External audits always brought enormous stress, both for the quality officer and other employees.”

Inge Ronchetti
Head of Functional Research at Spine & Joint Centre

Zenya is easy to manage and easy to work with. An asset for the whole organisation.”

Inge Ronchetti
Head of Functional Research at Spine & Joint Centre
Dashboard Zenya bij Spine & Joint Centre
Zenya zoekfunctie en mappenstructuur

Automation and efficiency with Zenya DOC and FLOW

In short: the old systems were causing a lot of stress and wasted time within the organisation, and it could be better. “Our director had known Zenya for some time from laboratories in the hospital world. He also knew that this system was broadly applicable and frequently used,” says Barbara. The organisation chose Zenya DOC and Zenya FLOW: DOC to structure all their documents, FLOW to make the reporting system more efficient.

Inge: “Almost all our documents are now in Zenya. If employees want to look something up, they can do so very quickly via the handy search function. Think, for example, of physiotherapists who have just finished their studies and want to quickly go through instructions again. The fact that they no longer have reach out to other colleagues to know exactly where a certain document is, is a more efficient and more pleasant working method for everyone.”

In addition, all responsibility no longer lies with one person. Barbara explains: “All documents are in DOC and you get a notification when your document needs to be reviewed. The system also sends out reminders. This creates calm, clarity and structure throughout the organisation.”

A variety of reports can then be made again via FLOW. Barbara and Inge have created workflows for ICT reports, data breaches, incidents, repairs and ideas for improvement. “Anyone can now make a report very easily,” says Inge. “You can even quickly take a picture via your phone, forward it, and done! Then the reports automatically reach the relevant people.”

All photos were taken by Rosely Mooren.

Compact documents that can easily be shared

It also eliminates the need to send separate documents to new employees or trainees, for example. “We can now very simply share links to documents with others, including external people. Using a login code, they can then view the document in our system; one and the same version for everyone. That saves a lot of time and is a lot more user-friendly.”

“In addition, our main documents have become much more compact,” Inge adds. “Previously, we sometimes had documents that were very long. Now we only put the basic info in the main document and use active links to redirect the reader to more in-depth information.”

Clear benefits even as a smaller organisation

The Spine & Joint Centre has about 45 to 50 employees. Although the organisation does not have an abundance of documents or processes to manage, they very clearly notice the benefits of Zenya software.

Barbara: “The fact that everything is now within one umbrella system is very pleasant. Zenya gives us an overview, gives us structure, peace of mind. By setting up the system ourselves, we have also critically reviewed and further optimised our work processes and folder structure. Because we are now familiar with Zenya, we also get more and more ideas to apply the software. For example, we recently created a form to do evaluations, including a workflow to set out the corresponding actions.”

Infoland works hard on customer relationship management. Many other companies can learn from that.”

Barbara Koffijberg
Quality advisor and Business Controller at Spine & Joint Centre

A partnership that works

So Barbara and Inge set up the system entirely on their own. They came up with the folder structure, the best set-up for workflows, and more. “In the beginning, this was sometimes difficult,” Inge explains. “But Infoland helped us. They were very patient and explained everything to us very clearly. I really like that guidance. And I am also satisfied with the after-care. Infoland is very accessible, so we always get a response quickly.”

Finally, Barbara and Inge notice Infoland’s strong application of maintaining strong relationships with their customers. “Infoland works hard on relationship management with customers. Many other companies can learn from that,” Barbara says. “They not only help set up the system, but then make sure everything works and stays working.”

And what does Zenya’s future look like within the Spine & Joint Centre? “It doesn’t stop for us yet; we want to get a lot more out of using DOC and FLOW,” says Inge. “At the end of this year, we are going to transfer all our HRM documents. Because Zenya simply works more pleasantly than other systems. And our employees are also responding positively. Then we have completed the circle, right?”

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