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These are the terms and conditions of Infoland B.V. (“Infoland”, “we”, “us”, “our” or similar pronouns).

Terms and Conditions

Infoland’s services can be used in different ways. These Terms and Conditions contain the applicable rules. What are your rights if you are or become a member of the community platform and what can you expect from us and what may we expect from you?

Entered into force 31 August 2021.

Infoland reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. Changes will be published on our website. Therefore, check these Terms and Conditions regularly so that you are aware of any changes.

Changes since the previous version (1 June 2018): some wordings have been edited. There are no substantive changes.

1.0 Definitions

  • Infoland = Infoland B.V., located at De Run 6801, 5504 DW in Veldhoven, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 17093908.
  • User = every natural person using the platform. Using also means solely gathering information.
  • Registered user = a user that, through registering, has registered a username. These users have their own community account.

2.0 General

  1. The community platform (and all its components), is a service by Infoland. The use of the community is free for both Infoland’s customers and prospects.
  2. If you want to contribute a post to the Infoland Community, you must register yourself as a user. Non-registered users may use the platform as a reader.
  3. The user declares to explicitly agree with all terms and conditions in this document when using the community platform.
  4. No costs are associated with participating in the community platform.
  5. The user must always follow the so-called ‘netiquette’: the general rules of propriety and manners of the internet. Furthermore, the user must have familiarised themselves with – and follow – the general terms and conditions and the house rules laid down in the (if applicable) specific FAQs of the diverse components of the community platform. The user is not allowed to behave themselves in such a way that may cause nuisance to other users. Violation of these rules may lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the entire community platform (and its associated activities).
  6. Infoland reserves the right to deny a user access to the community platform – in whole or in part and temporarily or permanently – at any time, without providing a reason. Use of the community platform services at any time during a period of denied access is NOT permitted and is legally considered to be computer trespassing in the sense of art. 138ab of the Dutch Criminal Code.
  7. No rights can be derived in any way from the community platform and its use.

3.0 Registered users and registration

  1. Users are solely responsible for all messages, graphical and other (audio)visual expressions, links and other posts and actions done through the account connected to their username and password.
  2. The user must be careful with the account provided to them and is solely responsible for abuse by third parties of their account, unless in cases of gross negligence by Infoland.
  3. The user is legally liable if they attempt to gain unauthorised access to locked parts of the community platform or its services and/or systems, or if the user sabotages the community platform through defacing, (D)DoS attacks and other forms of cybercrime.
  4. It is not allowed to register an extra account, nor to post with one, when another account belong to that same person has been denied access to (a part of) the community platform.

4.0 Liability

  1. A user is fully liable for all damages, direct or indirect and both tangible and intangible, arising from the user’s actions and conduct.
  2. A contribution of a participant or (registered) user is not read or subject to approval by Infoland prior to posting. An opinion reflects only the opinion of the participant that has posted it and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Infoland.
  3. Infoland is not liable for any damages, losses or other consequences that may result from the use of the data, information, software, practices, tools and other uses contained in this platform.
  4. Infoland cannot be held liable for loss or theft of data and information. This includes photos, texts and other material placed by users and subscribers.

5.0 Rights of Infoland and prohibitions

  1. Infoland expressly reserves the right to deny users access to the community platform in whole or in part and for a definite or indefinite period of time without providing a reason.
  2. A user is entitled to cancel their account at any time without providing a reason. All data from that account will then be deleted. Posts and reactions that have been posted from that account will continue to exist, as they are an integral part of the discussions. However, Infoland will then change the user from a registered user to an anonymous user.
  3. If the user’s access has been denied, a request can be made to the community platform to cancel the account. Infoland will then perform these actions for the user.
  4. Infoland expressly reserves the right to change, distribute or remove the design and/or content of messages, responses or any other form of content posted by users. In addition, Infoland may add or remove features and other software capabilities at any time.
  5. By posting, or making available in any way, messages, texts, photos and other (audio)visual material (including placing hyperlinks to the aforementioned material), the user grants an unlimited, unrestricted and unconditional, non-exclusive right of use for commercial and non-commercial purposes of the messages, photographs and other (audio)visual material posted by the user.
  6. The copyright of content posted by the user remains with the individual users. Infoland is not authorised to sell, rent, or otherwise transfer the copyright, portrait rights or any other right to the material to third parties.
  7. The offering, or soliciting, of stolen and/or otherwise legally protected or illegally obtained or available material on the community platform is grounds for immediate exclusion from all services offered by Infoland. Infoland is entitled to report a criminal offense.
  8. Abuse, in any form, of the community platform and its associated services, may result in exclusion from the community platform, for a definite or indefinite period of time, without providing a reason.
  9. As a user, you are not allowed to post any material on the community platform whose copyrights are not held by the user or in the public domain. By posting photos, videos, texts, software, drawings, music or designs, the user declares that he is the copyright holder or has obtained their explicit permission to use the posted material.

6.0 Rights of Infoland and prohibitions

  1. All rights are explicitly reserved. Except for downloading and printing provided information for personal use or to the extent expressly indicated by Infoland, or to the extent expressly authorised in writing, it is not permitted to copy, reproduce or in any way distribute or publish the content of this website and its parts in whole or in part. The copying of news or other messages from the community platform without prior written permission is expressly prohibited. The copyright of the responses rests with the individual authors.

7.0 Spam

    1. The use of the service, as well as the use of the information on the site, is permitted solely for the purpose of being able to communicate and discuss with other users on the site whereby the character of the communication may serve improvement of the use of the software or the sharing of knowledge as its purpose unless otherwise indicated.
    2. The (unsolicited) initiation of any form of commercial communication by means of email, fax, SMS, MMS, post, the community platform private messaging, topics, posts and responses within the community platform, the user’s profile or otherwise with users, at least the direct or indirect promotion of goods, services, companies, websites or the public image of a company, organisation or person, regardless of whether these products or services are (indirectly) related to the character of the service or possible interest of a user, will not be allowed.
    3. It is not permitted, without prior permission, to advertise in topics, messages, subtitles, nickname, signatures, or profiles, or to solicit via pm (personal message), dm (direct message), or any other form of communication within the community platform, nor initiated through Infoland.
    4. If the user (partially) contravenes the provisions of this article, the user forfeits, without further warning or notice of default and without judicial intervention being required, an immediately payable fine of €500,- (five hundred euros) per event, whereby sending an impermissible expression to a user counts as one event.

8.0 Unforeseen circumstances and closing provisions

    1. In cases and situations not provided for by the terms and conditions or various provisions, the management of the community platform will decide. These decisions are final. Correspondence will only be entered into if and as long as the management of the community platform or Infoland deems it appropriate.
    2. Infoland reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. The user is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms.
    3. If the user does not agree with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the user is not allowed to use the service of the community platform in any way.
    4. Terms and conditions posted by users themselves, for example in posts, signatures, or elsewhere, at least visible or invisible to third parties apply strictly as textual for the purpose of discussion and have no legal value other than textual. They do not in any way constitute an agreement and do not in any way create conditions. The only agreed-upon terms and conditions between Infoland and the users are the terms and conditions as stated in this document.
    5. Dutch or European Law applies exclusively to all offers, agreements, deliveries, and conditions. If any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid or nullified, the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions will remain in full force and Infoland and the user will enter into consultation to agree on new provisions to replace the invalid or nullified provisions, taking into account as much as possible the purpose and intent of the invalid or nullified provisions.

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