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Let this business solution work for you

With valuable advice, fully tailored to the needs of your organisation, you know Zenya is a great fit again

A clear and uncluttered Zenya environment is again better and easier to manage

More efficient execution of processes means you work more smoothly and save time

All optimisations at a glance

After implementation, Zenya is 100% properly set up. This ensures that you have the best and most recent functionalities at your disposal, suited to your organisation. But just like cars and machines, software also needs regular maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about the technical side. Because Zenya is a SaaS solution, this happens automatically and you always work with the latest version. But this does not mean that the design also stays up to date. Forms, fields, notifications and user groups age, folders become redundant and old checklists need to be archived, for example.

With the business solution Quickscan, we list all possible optimisations of your Zenya module(s).

Your Zenya setup like new again

Without regular maintenance, the software can build up a considerable history of unused information over the years. If this unnecessary information is not shown in the software, you work faster and more pleasantly. During a QuickScan, a consultant goes through the entire set-up of the software. Based on this, you will receive an advisory report on how to use new functionalities for a more efficient setup, what to remove or archive and how to optimise the setup of Zenya. Further training for administrators can also be part of our advice.

Based on this pragmatic report, you can take the right steps yourself to optimise Zenya and future-proof it. Would you like to be unburdened and have the optimisation steps carried out by one of our experts? Then choose the business solution Functional Application Management.

Maak gebruik van de ervaring van onze specialisten - Business Solution Functioneel Beheer - Zenya by Infoland

What makes this solution unique?

  • Management is easier thanks to a more efficient working environment
  • Everyone works with a future-proof Zenya environment
  • Your organisation is introduced to the latest features and better ways of working
  • Application managers receive valuable and informative advice

Want to know more about this business solution?

Do you work with Zenya and need a clear and uncluttered Zenya environment? Do you want to manage your Zenya environment better and easier, so that your processes can be carried out more efficiently? Then our Quickscan is suitable for you. You will receive valuable advice that you can start working with immediately, fully tailored to your organisation’s Zenya environment.

We will tell you more about the possibilities during a conversation. Please contact us.

Kirsten van Blijswijk - Business consultant - Zenya by Infoland

What do you get with this solution?

When choosing this solution, it is good to know what is included.
This is what you can expect from the business solution “Quickscan”:

Together with a consultant

In a meeting with a consultant, you go through the full set-up of the Zenya modules in depth.

Pragmatic report

In a pragmatic report, we list all recommendations and possible optimisation steps. You decide which optimisations you want to implement and whether to do this yourself or have them carried out by one of our Functional Application Managers.

Why do others use this solution?

  • We have a lot of substantive knowledge and know all about the latest functionalities within Zenya.
  • We can give you valuable advice on how to make the best use of these functionalities for your organisation.

Want to know more about the Zenya Quickscan?

Are you interested in Zenya solutions and want to know more about one or more of them? Please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.