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One of the most well-known advantages of Zenya: the software is always up to date, and you don’t have to do anything for it. We would like to tell you how we have organised this and how we inform you about innovations in our software.

The updates from Zenya

Two different types of updates

We distinguish two types of updates for our web-based software: minor updates and major updates.

  • Every 14 days, a minor update is released.

In minor updates, we fix bugs and make small improvements. Sometimes under the bonnet, occasionally visible. In all cases, the criterion is that the impact on the user must be very low.

  • A major update is released every few months.

In major updates, we introduce new functionalities and make more and more extensive improvements. Here too, we try to keep the impact on the user as low as possible. Where necessary, we provide additional explanations for the user within the software, and we offer further learning or instruction materials.

The updates for our apps are only performed when needed. This may differ per month, from a bit more one month to not at all. It is also possible that a number of updates will be made in succession, such as hotfixes, to guarantee the platform’s security and/or stability. The functionality of the system remains unchanged.

Everything is installed for you

You do not have to take any action yourself for our web-based software. Infoland ensures that all updates are installed for you. It can be that simple!

We distribute the updates through the App Store & Play Store for our apps. We advise you to set your device so that app updates may be downloaded and installed automatically, in order to always have the most recent software on your device.

Stay up to date

We like to keep you informed about new updates. We do this via:

  • Via
    Check this website for a chronological overview of all (major and minor) updates, with each update’s most important new features and changes. This information is publicly accessible and you do not need to log in. Therefore, you can also refer others within your organisation to this website, for example, if you communicate about an update internally. In addition, the site offers a glimpse into the future: you can often already read what the next update will contain.
  • Via email:
    For major updates, we send an email message to the designated contact person within your organisation prior to the roll-out of the update. This email is sent at least 5 working days before the actual roll-out of the update. The message contains information about the exact moment when the update will be rolled out for your organisation and links to additional information about the update. Given the low impact, we will not send you any emails about minor updates, except if a specific minor update contains a solution for an error or malfunction that you have reported to our Service Desk. In that case, you will always be notified.
  • Via App Store & Play Store:
    We offer the updates through the App Store & Play Store for our apps. You will also find a short description of what is new in the update.

Testing options for the updates

In addition to the live environment, you can choose to purchase a separate test environment (sandbox) for your organisation. You then have two options:

  1. The test environment has the same software version as the live environment. New updates become available simultaneously in the live and test environment. You can use the test environment, for example, to train new employees, to try out functionalities that you have not used until now and to test planned changes in the software configuration.
  2. The test environment is always 4 weeks ahead of the live environment in terms of software version*. New updates become available in the sandbox first. The same update will automatically become available in your live environment four weeks later. This gives you the opportunity to preview new updates, take care of internal communication when you deem it necessary and run through checklists or test procedures if required by applicable standards or regulations.

We charge a fixed annual fee for a separate test environment, and you can contact for the current rates. Included in the test environment is the possibility to copy a snapshot of the existing data from your live environment to the test environment. This way, you do not test in an ’empty box’ but with representative data.

Step by step to a better software

Our software helps our users to do their work more efficiently. It isn’t very pleasant if the software suddenly works entirely differently from one day to the next or looks completely different. Moreover, extensive (classroom) training for each update is a thing of the past: it is expensive and logistically hardly feasible.

That’s why we do things differently! We update our software frequently but in small steps. Always a bit more convenient, more beautiful and more powerful. Many changes are so evident that they don’t need any explanation. If an explanation is needed, we give it using a short hint on the screen. In this way, we help the employee discover new functions or use existing functions more efficiently.

If there are any major changes, we combine these tips with additional materials. These include instructional videos, help texts with step-by-step explanations or short, interactive training sessions. Sometimes our software does not allow you to implement major changes in small steps. However, we do our best to make this as easy and carefree as possible.

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