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Let this business solution work for you

Get started immediately and without fuss with a proven solution

Very fast implementation, guided by our experienced consultants

Includes functional application management: no in-house administrator or deployment of your IT department required

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Do you need a proven solution for organising, managing and providing insight into the quality documentation within your organisation? Or is there a great need for a reporting and handling solution for incidents, complaints and improvement measures? Our consultants tailor the business solution Best Practice implementation to your specific needs.

For example, we set up the folder and rights structure of our document management solution for your organisation. And we refine the ready-to-use, proven processes for incident reports, complaint handling and improvement management by aligning them with your familiar organisational structures. After hands-on training, everyone in your organisation will be ready to get off to a flying start.

Good to know: when you choose this efficient business solution, you do not get a stripped-down version of Zenya. The solution has all the functionality of Zenya DOC and FLOW. This allows you to use it for new purposes at a later date and Zenya grows with your organisation.

Includes one year of functional application management

After the Best Practice implementation, you obviously want to ensure that the quality of the configuration is monitored structurally. This involves a management burden; an extra task you probably don’t want. That is why this business solution provides functional management for a minimum period of one year. After that time, an evaluation will follow and we will determine in consultation how you want to carry out functional management in the future.

Quality through experience

The Best Practice implementation is based on hundreds of applications at similar organisations and on the years of experience of our consultants and functional administrators. More than 400 healthcare institutions – hospitals, care and nursing homes – in the Netherlands and Belgium use Zenya. Our experienced consultants therefore know exactly what challenges your organisation faces.

We also know the guidelines and standards in healthcare, such as Qmentum, JCI, ISO 9001, Prezo and HKZ, and we understand how Zenya can best support you in these areas. We use this knowledge and experience in our business solution Best Practice implementation, so you can get started with Zenya DOC and FLOW quickly and without fuss.

Maak gebruik van de ervaring van onze specialisten - Business Solution Functioneel Beheer - Zenya by Infoland

Want to know more about this business solution?

The business solution Best Practice implementation was developed for small and medium-sized healthcare institutions that want to get started quickly and without fuss with document management and incident reporting, complaint handling and improvement management, without worrying about functional application management.

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Geert Mettrop - Business Consultant - Zenya by Infoland

What do you get with this solution?

When choosing this solution, it is good to know what is included.
This is what you can expect from the business solution “Best Practice implementation”:

Complete folder structure

Zenya DOC is set up including complete underlying folder and collection structure on the portal, which you can fill directly with documents.

Optional links

A link with various ECD’s is possible for a fee.

Complete solution

You do not get a stripped-down version of Zenya, but full functionality within the chosen module(s).

Ready-made workflows

Zenya FLOW is set up including three ready-to-use, proven workflows for incident reporting, complaint handling and improvement management. This gives you instant access to a basic quality system.

Includes one year of functional application management

Delivered including functional management for a minimum period of one year, allowing you to get off to a flying start and securing your configuration.

Why do others use this solution?

  • With more than 25 years of experience at over 400 healthcare organisations, we know what is going on in your industry.
  • Our consultants have experience in both cure and care organisations.
  • The included workflows are based on the experience of hundreds of healthcare organisations.

Want to know more about Best Practice Implementation?

Are you interested in Zenya solutions and want to know more about one or more of them? Please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.